28 December 2005

Something I've Been Discussing And Thinking About

I've never been sure that my dreams are what i want to follow.

Whether or not they will be the right thing to do or not is another matter - a matter which i don;t think about at this minute.
The thing that i think about is the fact that i want to follow my dreams to see where they lead me...

this whole post will make sense more tomorrow when i've fully sorted out what i wanted to say...
let me muse

17 December 2005

All Alone I Fall To Pieces

The time has come and i knew it was on it's way.

Between 17th and the 23rd December i shall be my own company, all my flatmates have abandoned me to go back home, and i'm stuck here on my own because i have to work.

Speaking of - i was just a Christmas temp there but i am now going to be a permanent part timer - although i think that it's just doing Sat and SUn - whereas i really wanted to do Thursdays still because that was my favourite day to work - its not that Thursday was easy i just enjoyed a lot mroe because i get on with the people better on the weekdays rather than the weekends, plus it's not helping the fact that they keep not putting me on the tills on a Sat and Sun and so i'm stuck doing the shitty jobs.

A part of this time that i am also not looking forward to is next week working because i am workingfrom 7.30am -3.30pm. Okay so it's not long hours really considering i was doing 6.30 - 2.30 during the sumer but it's just the fact that i am once again going to have to get up at about 6 to get ready to walk to work (cos i can't afford the bus until i get paid which isn't until the new year).

Err anything else to say? Oh, why the hell does it take so long for the bank to send me a new chequebook - it's been over a week so far - get a move on - i'm starving here and i need some food!!!

Guess thatis it - other than say

People - watch X Factor tonight - JOURNEY SOUTH to win!! let's broke from the mould and not let Shayne win!

12 December 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well Chronciles Of Narnia was fantastic - everything i hoped it would be.Even though i haven't seen Harry Potter - i've heard from people who have seen it that it is 100% better than HP.

In other news.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The new Girls Aloud album which they hoped would reach number one this weekend, only managed number 11. Although sales records say that it sold 80,000 in its first weeks. On a normal week 40,000 is only needed to reach number one, but with the Xmas sales - it was always going to be hard. Still not better than the 2nd album - from what i've heard.

10 December 2005

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

This has been a prominent feature in my childhood since i first saw the TV show on the BBC.

And i'm going to see the film tonight - i really can't wait.

I still haven't finished the book though - having only bought it on Wednesday - i should i read it by now seeing how short the book is but i've had little time for it so i'm only half way through.

29 November 2005

Record Of The Year 2005

It's that time of year again

which of these is your record of the year

James Blunt ~ You're Beautiful Lemar ~ If There's Any Justice Gwen Stefani ~ What You Waiting For Daniel Powter ~ Bad Day Westlife ~ You Raise Me Up McFly ~ All About You Katie Melua ~ Nine Million Bicycles Black Eyed Peas ~ My Humps Kelly Clarkson ~ Since U Been Gone Gorillaz ~ Feel Good Inc

mine has to be Kelly Clarkson Since U Been Gone - i really love that song. Brings back memories of my trip to Coventry in the summer.

But hand on my heart i think James Blunt is going to win

25 November 2005

Hung Up A Man After Midnight

Tonight i nearly marked out when i heard the backtrack of "Gimme A Man After Midnight" and was all ready to dance and sing along to Madonna, when it actually turned out to be the original ABBA song - so was alittle dissapointed...until...

Hung Up was remixed into the song in the end. - after hearing this Madonna song for the first time in a club

23 November 2005

UK - number one in tornados

There was yet another Tornado to hit the Midlands yesterday, and after reading about it on the net i came across this

"With the amount of media coverage dedicated to American storm-chasers, you'd think the US had the monopoly on these twisters. It doesn't. It might come as a shock, but the United Kingdom is actually the world's most tornado-prone nation. This fact was calculated by the late Dr Fujita of Chicago University. He devised the standard method of measuring tornado intensity. Fujita figured that since Britain has an average of 33 tornadoes every year in an area 38 times smaller than the USA, you're twice as likely to witness a tornado here. "

I remember when one hit Ferriby back in about 1999, and it was when i was doing my paper round - it actually threw me off the bike, and i couldn't hardly ride my bike.
There was also one back in about 1989 that hit Hull i remember because my Dad was affected by it - upon leaving work a piece of chimney hit him on the head.

22 November 2005

I've Been A Long Way From Home...But I'm Finally Returning

My original love = Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

When did i stop caring?

Since it's been off the air i've been watching very little of the show - and can probably count on two hands how many episodes i've watched since 2003 (the end of the show). So what has changed? Why have i moved on when this was such a big thing in my life? Buffy was my favourite show on earth back in the day, and at the time i couldn't think of my life without it. I remember when Buffy left Sunnydale at the end of Season 2, it hit me this show is going to end someday, and it hit me even more when Buffy died at the end of Season 5.

Maybe it's because i'm away from the environment in which i watched it - it was through high school and sixth form and now that has finished maybe it's because i'm not in the same place i was when i started and finished it. I've let SO many things escape me since i've been at Uni - and maybe that has been a really bad thing about Uni.

I know in my heart that nothing will ever replace Buffy, and i hope it doesn't.

*Sorry if it's sound sappy and that i'm run by TV but it's my blog and i'll rant if i want to*

21 November 2005

Trick Of The Trade

My connection is still playing up but hopefully the things that i#m doing right now are helping the situtaion.

Trouble In The Mix

I'm having trouble with my internet connection again - same problem as before but hopefully i have just sorted out. Well we'll see if i'm still here in 10 minutes (that's normally how long my connection lasts after rebooting when i have this problem)

18 November 2005

Children In Need

It is that time of year again that we all get together in the United Kingdom and sit in front of the TV in a bid to raise money for charity.

Even though Gabby is no longer doing the show with Sir Wogan, the show is not disappointing! Even madonna got laughed (and not at her terrible performance) at - she read the number out to ring and pledge, and then denyed that she read it wrong. You know love, 2's sometimes do look like 0's.

08457 332233

Thank you for making your reservation on AA.com!

I'm on the way to America! In 2007!

but anyone know how to get a work permit for America?

Keeper - i may have to marry you so i can get into the country!LOL

Anyway. so bascially, lately i've been thinking about my options after Uni, and i came up with one - that seems to be my favourite, is to apply for my graduate overdraft which will take about 3 minutes, and then just use that money to go somewhere - and that place is basically New York. I'm in love with the city already and i haven't even been - i want it to be London and oh so much more (and it better be for the price of the place ticket), whether or not it's going to be a oneway ticket or a return is another thing, but i've been looking into working visa's and stuff like that - which has confused me even more - so i might have to look into that subject more. But before Xmas of the year i leave Uni(2007) i want to go to New York.

It's just that i've been thinking recently about how i've been living away from home now for over a year, and it dawned on me that i can't see myself going back to Hull to live with my Mum again as a permanent solution. Don't get me wrong, last year was the worst year of my life, i don't think i was a strong enough person to be away from home, and to be that independent, but something changed in me over the summer that just made me think that this is my life now and i can't go back to what my life was before. Independence is what i need and it's the only way that i'm going to be able to move forward.

I know one thing - i'm going to need help along the way

14 November 2005

The Vampire Name Game


My Vampire Name -

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity: Hanzi Keat

Known in some parts of the world as: Father of The Highway Thieves

The Great Archives Record: Takes more than gold from the rich on the highway - takes blood too.

Confessions On A Dance Floor.

I'm totally syched that i've got this album now. And Holly - i didn't return KT for her - but i did spend my last money on her. I will take KT back for either NOW 62 when it's released or for something else (yet to decide). I also bought something else today but i'm not allowed to tell anyone what it is because it's the same as Holly's Xmas present - i bought two copies - how would you feel if i actually bought you Madonna's album for Xmas, Holly? Would you literally throw it back into my face?

People you have to at least check out the last song on the album, it's called Like It Or Not. It's my favourite Madonna to date - so no longer is Impressive Instant from the Music album my favourite.

Because Of You

Has anyone else heard this song? It's by Kelly Clarkson, and from the look of the video it's all about her parent's divorce which obviously i can totally relate to. It's a really beautiful song and it's on the same par (in my mind) as Sarah McLachlan's Full Of Grace. I really like the lyrics of Because Of You, - so for your enjoyment i will post them here.

Holly - have you bought the album yet? _ BREAKAWAY - im on about. If Not i'll do a copy for you cos i've got some blank cd's now. So let me know.

Everyone else - check out this song.

I will not make the same mistakes that you did
I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery
I will not break the way you did
You fell so hard
I've learned the hard way, to never let it get that far
Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side
So I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust
Not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid
I lose my way
And it's not too long before you point it out
I cannot cry
Because I know that's weakness in your eyes
I'm forced to fake, a smile, a laugh
Every day of my life
My heart can't possibly break
When it wasn't even whole to start with
Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side
So I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust
Not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid
I watched you die
I heard you cry
Every night in your sleep
I was so young
You should have known better than to lean on me
You never thought of anyone else
You just saw your pain
And now I cry
In the middle of the night
For the same damn thing
Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side
So I don't get hurt
Because of you
I tried my hardest just to forget everything
Because of you
I don't know how to let anyone else in
Because of you
I'm ashamed of my life because it's empty
Because of you
I am afraid
Because of you
Because of you

13 November 2005


How can i let someone else's problems get a hold of me like they have done right now.

Tonight Rich, Lou and I played Ring Of Fire (my fav game of Swanland fame) which basically ended in disaster (it's supposed to end in Stu making a foul of himself and us shaving his head )- remember?

But tonight bascially all our problems came to the surface - oh u know what im too drunk to write this right now , ill tell u in the morn!

21 October 2005

12 October 2005

Back On Campus

Back in Northampton now (well i've been back for about two weeks but this is the first chance i have had to get online). All moved into the new house (which we all hate - but hopefully will hate less when we have decorated it properly).

Also finally got a new computer today which my brother and his friends built for me - custom built - you can't beat it. And hopefully soon we will have the internet sorted out in the house.

My lectures this year are so much better than last year - they are actually interesting me - it was fun on Monday when we learnt about the sexual connotations of E.T.

Anyway til we have the internet in our house - this blog is going to be a bit random with the postings.

See you later

23 September 2005

Tomorrow Is The Start Of The 2nd chance

Well it's been a year since i started University. I can't believe it's been a year, but then thinking about it does seem a long time ago when left Swanland the way i did, and then went to Uni the following day.

And tomorrow i'm moving into the house where i will be living with Lauren, Lee, Louise, Richard and Twitch.

Should be fun and loud, and VERY different from living with the others last year - for one i won't have a psycho living next to me and the hosue won;t smell of weed all the time

18 September 2005

Push The Button

The new Sugababes song is SOO good.

U can see it here (opens in media player)


17 September 2005

It Came And Went So Fast

Click on links for pictures corresponding with the events. LINKS TO PICTURES FOR STUFF HERE SHOULD BE WORKING SOON - they will be hyperlinked from certain key words - like people and places

Well yesterday was my trip to London - and as soon as we had left the TATE MODERN (we spent about two hours in there) i realised that 8 hours was just not going to be enough time to see London, we goddamitt i was going to try and see as much as i could within the short space of time (even though i'm hopefully going to go back next Saturday to meet up with Lee).

So we arrived in Euston Station at around 10am on the VIRGIN PRINCESS we jumped on the tube to Cannon Street to change to Mansion House (this is where Holly dropped her ticket on the way out of Mansion House - just before the ticket machines), so that slowed us down a little bit - she found in the end on the bottom of the stairs near the platform. So we left Mansion House and started the short walk to the Millenium Bridge. We turned onto the bridge - which looked nothing like the Millenium Bridge in Hull - but then again what could you expect .

Looking behind me there was a massive dome like structure - which was St Paul's Cathedral. Walking over the Millenium Bridge we could see right down the river toward London Bridge and infront of us was the Tate. We entered the Tate and without realising - Holly had already entered the gift shop (isn't this supposed to be the last stop of the visit in the Tate?) So we went into the main part of the Tate (levels 3 and 5 were free so we stuck to them). I was happy because i got to see some Dali pictures - the Lobster Phone and Moutain Lake (have to check the name on that one)

We exited the Tate - after i had bought a Dali book for the cheap price of a tenner - and we had fun feeding the pigeons along the river - along with two that had deformed feet.

We then took off and walked along the river towards London Bridge and we found ourselves now talking in Texan/South accents - for some odd reason (ah yes the fact that we had seen Dukes Of "Boom Shak A Lak" Hazzard the night before may have been the reason behind that. We also started following some Germans - who we eventually lost, but they took us to all the good places - Shakespeare's Globe, the bridge were the tramp was - see picture for wierd forcefield around him - (infact this was the only tramp i saw all day, and i actually saw more tramps than McDonalds).

So we got to London Bridge and we walked across the majestic structure and we walked around the side of the Tower of London. We walked then to Tower Hill Station

Got here to Westminster were we were just in time to hear Big Ben strike 2pm. As we walked across Westminster Bridge we saw The London Eye however we decided against going on it as it took half an hour and by this time we were thinking that we were running out of time- after all we did have Madame Tussaud's to go to.

So after about 5 minutes walking around there and seeing our first tourist stand selling the usual Union Jack hats etc. we got back on the tube to Baker Street (the home of Sherlock Holmes) and we walked to Madame Tussaud's. I was very shocked when we entered to see that they were searching everyone (cos i hear that the terrorists have this big thing about blowing up the waxworks - i just call that liberation - THERES A REASON THEY LOOK SO REAL. So we entered the cue - that wrapped right around pillars and stairs and onto the next level. So we had fun for about an hour in the line, thinking about what celeb we were about to meet (i wonder if my restraining orders still apply to their waxworks?? - but alas i don't think Linda Barker will ever have a waxwork - we should start a petition right now!

So we entered the first room - and who was the first celeb that we saw?? - well i think it was actually George Clooney - but the first celeb that we had taken was - SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR - after pondering whether it was her or not. Turning around i was like - DUDE! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stood together - LOL - then i wondered where Jennifer Aniston was - later found that she was stood with Tom Cruise. Who else did we see? Well we saw Nicolas Cage, Colin Farrell (who looked quite good actually), Kylie on all fours, a rather bad Britney from the MTV days with the I'm A Slave 4U stage, Sir Patrick Stewart, Chris Tarrant, shared crisps with Gary Linekar - had a thing with Madonna (who we only knew it was her because it said on her champagne bucket, Elle MacPherson, John Travolta, posed with Penelope Cruzho was no longer standing with Tom Cruise, Posh and Becks were quite good, watcvhed people sit down for dinner with George Clooney, shook hands (albeit not Shaky Hand man style) with Tom Cruise, sat and hugged Ant & Dec, got head to head with Graham Norton, did the drama pose with Jerry Springer, danced with Barbara Windsor, Pasty from Ab Fab, called J Lo a slut, took a proper papparizzi picture of David Jason, Arnold Swarzneggar, flew with Superman, Harrison Ford (Indiana), sat with Steven Spielberg in the directors chair, laughed and joked with Robin Williams, got a scarily real pic of Whoopie Goldberg, Sean Connery - the best bond, Pierce Brosnan (2nd best bond), Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, sad pose with Charlie Chaplin, Madam Tussauds, Bush and Blair, some random Hallo that i foget the name of but i know it was Kim Jong Il - i SO wish it was, angry Hilter (was he ever happy?), William Shakespeare, The Beatles, kissed the Queen's Mother whilst trying to steal her bag, Pope John Paul, David Beckham , Michael Owen, Johnny Wilkinson, X factor judges, Richard Branson, Einstein, Van Gogh and Pablo Piccasso and then it was into the Chamber Live - oh after having to sing a song to move on (i forget which one i sang now - Holly can u remember?)

The Chamber Live - was quite jumpy - oh and i will never forget the woman at the beginning - WHERES MY PRESENT - Holly why wasnt we dramatic and got like I DONT KNOW PLEASE DONT KILL ME I DIDNT MEAN TO FORGET IT - SPARE ME! Then at the end there was Mrs, Ruin it for everyone and Hypoventalate. Then that was over and it was back on the tube to Euston and we got the Virgin Train back to Nuneaton. Overal it was a very good day - made better with the weather. I had my first experience with the tube - which i was very impressed with - why can't every city have one?

On the train home (which only took an hour) i decided that i was going to go back the following week to see Lee (flatmate from Uni) and stories from that will follow soon.

LINKS TO PICTURES FOR STUFF HERE SHOULD BE WORKING SOON - they will be hyperlinked from certain key words - like people and places

10 September 2005

My Heart Of London

Well i haven't posted about the adventures of last weekend yet - but don't worry it's on the way.

But for now - im going back. To London. Yep i loved it so much i'm doing all again a week after. Well okay maybe not ALL again - i'm doing the places i didn't see last week. BASICALLY west London because the lines to that side were shut on the tube.

So anyway - speak to you later and we'll see if the world stops at 2.15pm on Sunday - i take it everyone knows what that means

Spice Up Your Life

Take the quiz: "Which Spice Girl Are You?"

Ginger Spice (Geri)
Hey, youre like ginger!!! youre cool and lots of fun to hang out with. youre the life of the party and you always be yourself no matter what!

03 September 2005

The Day Has Finally - Virgin Trip To London

Holly and I have been waiting for this day for a while - it was talked about back before Easter i think.

Well i have a trusty map with me of the entire Central London provided by Fiona - thanks - and i am armed with a budget of about £100.

Also armed with my camera - here i go

30 August 2005

We've Entered The Liquid Generation

You guys SOOO have to check this website out - it's so funny.

love suck my news feature

and the Lindsay Lohan cartoons are always funny


26 August 2005

"It's Been A While"

*Scary Movie*

well it has been a while since i last posted on here, and so many things have happened.

i have become experimental photographer (having temporarily dropped the writing) and if go to my DA page you will see what i have been up to http://simonsenlis.deviantart.com/gallery/

I've also dyed my hair - it is now Cosmic Blue with Blue COLOUR FX in it. Well it was time for a change really - and i'm liking it.

I went back to Hull last weekend - and it was great. We had a really good night on the Saturday and if you can see from my DA there is some really interesting photos that i took in Position nightclub.

I didn't realise how much i really missed Hull until i went back this time. Just the little things - like actually having a HMV to go into (although Nuneaton is soon going to be gettting a HMV - i think it opens Sept 1st), Herbies sandwiches, hearing other people talking like i do. it's just the little things really.

And this time next month i will be in the new house in Northampton, i will be a resident of 133 Adnitt Road, and i will finally be living with Lauren, Lee, Louise, Richard and Twitch. To be honest i can't wait. Lauren said "welcome to the world of colour" andthat she's going to help me with my colouring when we're living together. It's going to be a recurring theme i think. My next i want is - Red - but i want a deep warm red rather than the BRIGHT red that thankfully went wrong - god can you imagine me with bright red hair? i'm quite liking my blackblue hair at the minute. i wish it didn't make a mess in the bathroom though - or at least you could see the mess as soon as you've done it, unlike leaving it cos it doesn't look a mess then hours later it looks a mess cos there's dye EVERYWHERE.

Anyway im going to get back to photographer and getting to think what to do next. I'm thinking Wilderness!

15 August 2005

The Feud - Pick Your Side

God knows what they are fighting over but it seems that even channel 4 have chosen a side in the feud. In the new addvert for Simple Life 3 (recorded before the rift), they introduce the show as starring Rich girl Paris Hilton with her less wealthy friend.

Tut tut not even mentioning her name

her name is NICOLE RICHIE if they have forgotten!!!!!!!

And no matter of slimming pills will stop my love for her.

And in the middle is LINDSAY LOHAN - actor, singer, and presenter (god i remember her doing the MTV show - terrible especially when she randomly used to burst into rapping on stage - i was like OH MY GOD)

Anyway pick your side!

Either Paris "i dont like Tinkerbell anymore cos she's not a puppy anymore"Hilton
or Nicole "do u wanna pop some slimming pills with me?" Richie

09 August 2005


It's been a while since i last saw Manchester United play - thinking back it was the FA Cup Final against Arsenal in May - and what a sad day it was.

But we're back, the start of the season is here and our first match is under way.

Look at my special Man U blog - for results/goals and stuff.


I'm coming home.

I'll be returning to the homeland of KINGSTONG UPON HULL on the 19th August for three days.


03 August 2005

Trapt In The World Beneath The Floor

It's becoming a recurring theme to tell you (the people) about new bands that i've been scoping.

This week's i've discovered a band called TRAPT. They are along the same kind of stuff as LostProphets - which is making me like -because i love the LostProphets album.

Anyway - if you wanna check them out go to:


In Love With A Piece Of Technology

I've had my MP3 player for about 12 days now - and i'm stil (in the words of Ronald McDonald) LOVIN' IT.

I've got about 1,000 songs on it so far which is only like a 1/15 of it's capactity.

So far i have the following artist on it (i'm transfering ALL MY CD's so there are some bad ones here):

Aimee Mann
Avril Lavinge
Basement Jaxx
Blind Jackson
Daniel Bedingfield
Emma Bunton
Franz Ferdinand
Geri Halliwell
Girls Aloud
Green Day
Gwen Stefani
James Blunt
Kaiser Cheifs
Kings Of Leon
Kristian Leontio
Lost Prophets
Maroon 5
Melanie B
Melanie C
Michelle Branch
Natalie Imbruglia
Natasha Bedingfield
Phil Collins
Rachel Stevens
Robbie Williams
Scissor Sisters
Shaznay Lewis
Sheryl Crow
Snow Patrol
The Boomtown Rats
The Calling
The Editors
The Killers
The Libertines
The Magic Numbers
The Streets
The Strokes
The Subways
The Thrills
The Undertones
The White Stripes
The Zutons
Will Young

And still many to go. In fact i'm sitting with a lot of soundtracks and compliations at the minute - so my artist count is going to go up severely because some of them will contain only one track - but still.

Anyway i think everyone should get on of these MP3 deals - i hooked mine up to my speakers today - and i've already put my CD player away. It sounds so impressive and unique. And on shuffle - sounds amazing - playing up to 1,000 hours worth of music (for fact loving people) it would take a month and a half to play at the songs (non stop) - all full capacity.

31 July 2005

Soliders Throw Bottles At Steps

HAHAHA i found this. Geri talks about her gig in Oman just before we went to war with Afghanistan. And she recalls how the soliders were throwing bottles at STEPS. i found this HILARIOUS. Whereas they embraced Geri with open arms.

If you wanna hear it go to and it's about 5 mins in. Have fun with it and laugh out loud

30 July 2005

Kemal is Evicted and Orlaith WALKS


thankfully Kemal got evicted last night - but i feel cheated that Orlaith has walked anyway. All those fans of Orlaith (including me ) who voted to kick out Kemal - money wasted.

but it begs the question - is there going to be a new housemate? It's normal practice to replace a housemate if they walk. Or will they vote back in an old housemate? I'm saying Maxwell to go back in! or Lesley - oh how we miss her. Or Sam - she was funny


Just a quick post to advise you to check out Editors.

Great new band - ive seen them in Northampton a couple of times. They played Soundhaus and i think the union.

Check out songs Lights, Blood, Fingers In The Factories and Fall in particualr.

Blood is the current single and the album is called The Back Room - invest in it.

There's a link on this page

28 July 2005


After all the upheval in directors over the last few months, X Men 3 is officially a "troubled production". Let's just hope that they can bring it back together and deliver in time for next year's release.

26 July 2005


Mini Saffi's debut on Big Brother Posted by Picasa

It's Mini Saffi on Big Brother 25/07/05. The housemates won the task and had the decision to either play with this incredibly cute cat or have fags and booze. Naturally they decided to go for the kitten.

And for people who don't know - this is what my cat used to look like when she was the same age - ahh takes me back to the first days with Saffi.

Miss you Saff

Spread the Mini Saffi love by making your cat have Mini Saffi's - Holly i know you've done this already - cloning Saffi haven't you?!!

23 July 2005

Follow The Franz? Then follow the randomness

Have a look at http://www.franzferdinand.co.uk/ and look under Media - look how random the photos are - and you all know how much i love random photos. (think back to my Green Day pictures- if you can't get decent pictures of the band - i say get good ones of random things to remind u of the day)

20 July 2005

Boycott The iPod

Anyone else don't like the sound of Apple? I really want a Mp3 player but i really don't want to become part of a statistic by getting an iPod. I want to be different, so i'm thinking of buying this.

alas my sony craze continues - i'm tellng you. you can't beat a good Sony product.

It is cheaper, but by no means a cheap brand. This particular one is 20 gb and holds up to 15,000 songs - 900 cds. All for a deligthful price of 149£. It's on sale at the minute in argos, and hopefully i will be buying it within the next few weeks.

Was actually planning this week (tomorrow's pay day) but i've just found out that my cheque for my house in northampton has bounced (no surprise though really) so i have to pay 116 instead of 106 this week for the house.

What is it with sale's in this country. There used to be one sales a year - January sales. But they are everywhere now - Spring sales, easter sales, summer sales (lasting from June - August), January sales from December - January. Gone are the days that only the bad stuff is in the sales - now EVERYTHING seems to be in the sales throughout the year

17 July 2005

Think Back To 18th June 2005

This time last month (17th June 2005) i was preparing to leave Nuneaton to go and meet Holly at the train station to travel to Northampton to then travel the next day to Milton Keynes.

Green Day seemed such a long time ago now. It truly was the best day of my life, and i remember all the emotion that came through me when they came on. And it got me thinking about some truly deep stuff that won't share on this.

It was coming to near the end of the concert when they hadn't yet played "Time Of Your Life" and i was like - im walking away, and as i did - i heard it and went CRAZY!!!!!!

Overall this was a fantastic day, and i don't think i will ever forget it. If i do it will go down fighting.

So here are some of my photos i took - as always i go for random pictures first. All my Green Day ones from the middle where i was to start with came out really bad. So i've posted some of them i took from the back near the end. Sadly i didn't get the fireworks (only got them on my phone)

Ah Spongebob! you were the greatest!

Random people who look like they are having fun Posted by Picasa

SPONGEBOB! The girl we followed to get fruther to the front. Holly? Where's spongebob? Huh? Oh there she is! SPONGEBOB!!! Posted by Picasa

hmm my photos skills that day were GREAT Posted by Picasa

One of the support bands - can't remember which. I think Jimmy Eat World - cos i think the guy in the blue shirt is the Jim Carrey lookalike Posted by Picasa

That guy looks iller than i did Posted by Picasa

We all love crowd pictures don't we? Posted by Picasa

And The Random Pictures start Posted by Picasa

Journey Part 2 Posted by Picasa

The journey from Northampton To Milton Keynes. I love this picture - wouldn't think i got that from the window of a train Posted by Picasa

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Milton Keynes 18th June 2005 Posted by Picasa

16 July 2005


I'm going backwards - back to the days were i started my book LIFE AS IT WAS. And at 113 pages it remains unfinished. But i felt i had to go back to it, and start the sharing process, so i though i'd share a bit of it with you. Reading back through it - i go back to my mental state that i was in - which at the time seemed bad but with my current state, this period was heaven. Anyway here it is. It's the opening paragraph

"Don’t we all have a book inside us? Whether our lives are full of action, trauma, drama, jaunty little tunes or just plain old boring, we all can make a book out of it. This is a way for me to free all my emotion that is attached to my repressed experience – what psychoanalysts call abreaction. I have tried to render my experiences, up until now, unconscious but they always seem to bite me back in the butt. The way I see it? Is that this is a healthy way at getting rid of the experiences. Not to just lock them up within pages but to also let the world see how they can affect people who are the closest to you and also the ones that are reading this. Experiences like these can affect any number of people, most of which are unknown to us and also to which we don’t notice. Even the slightest repression can cause big traumatic events to collide in our worlds, so isn’t it the safest way to express them into any form available? This is my form. In early days, psychoanalysts said that abreaction was very therapeutic, regardless of whether the patient understood the significance of the repressed experience. So will it turn out to be? I’ll let you know after I feel satisfied that it’s over, that I can go on living my life without the pain of the memories. "

13 July 2005

Doing It For The Thrills

Another band that i like its the Irish Quintet - The Thrills. I just bought their second album LETS BOTTLE BOHEMIA and have to say - it's not as good as the first SO MUCH FOR THE CITY. But i still love this band SO much.

Does anyone know if the lead singer (2nd from the left on here) is Conor Deasy? He's gone from his Steve Jones looking face to his Mark from Uni stage. Just an observation!

12 July 2005


There has been last minute changes to the tracklisting of the new NOW here is the finalised listing

You're Beautiful (James Blunt)
Ghetto Gospel (2Pac) (Elton John)

Speed Of Sound (Coldplay)
Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz)
Don't Phunk With My Heart (Black Eyed Peas)
Shot You Down (Audio Bullys) (Nancy Sinatra)
They (Jem)
Shiver (Natalie Imbruglia)
Other Side Of The World (Kt Tunstall)

Lyla (Oasis)
Somewhere Else (Razorlight)
I Like The Way (Bodyrockers)
Everyday I Love You Less And Less (Kaiser Chiefs)
Jerk It Out (Caesars)
Smile Like You Mean It (The Killers)
Hard To Beat (Hard-Fi)

Beverly Hills (Weezer)
Lonely No More (Rob Thomas)
Forever Lost (The Magic Numbers)
Good People (Jack Johnson)
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (U2)
Lonely (Akon)
Let Me Love You (Mario)
Rich Girl (Eve) (Gwen Stefani)
Switch (Will Smith)
Roc Ya Body (MVP)
It's Like That (Mariah Carey)
N Dey Say (Nelly)
Slow Down (Bobby Valentino)
Again (Faith Evans)
Don't Cha Wanna Ride (Joss Stone)
The Avenue (Roll Deep)
Crazy Chick (Charlotte Church)
So Good (Rachel Stevens)
Nasty Girl (Inaya Day)
Say Hello (Deep Dish)
So Much Love To Give (Freeloaders) (The Real Thing)
Giving You Up (Kylie Minogue)
Wake Me Up (Girls Aloud)
Axel F (Crazy Frog)
Avenues And Alleyways (Tony Christie)
You've Got A Friend (McFly)
Proud (Heather Small)

you've been down that road before and you know where it ends

Fans Of HardFi

Calling all fans of HardFi, they are playing the RoadMender in northampton on October 14th . Any of my gang from Hull wanna see them - come and stay at my new house and we can all go together!!

If your still unsure who they are go to the website (look on links) listen to tracks, particaularly Hard To Beat, and Cash Machine - cash machine is brilliant - i was like i didn't hear this at Milton Keynes but then at the end is bursted into the best bit. Listen out for it, Clue is - what's in your pocket?

HARD-FI Taking Back Sunday

These are the two bands that i really liked after seeing Green Day live in Milton Keynes (still the most amazing day of my life). Hard-Fi have done pretty well in the album charts lately - getting like top 5 album. And i've just discovered that Taking Back Sunday are on the Elektra soundtrack.

Think i'm going to buy Hard-Fi album and i'm going to look for a Taking Back Sunday one.

just found this link of Taking Back Sunday click here - its a link to the song - Bonus Mosh Part 2 ( i remember them singing this at Green Day, and i loved the album. And just remember that these were the Americans that were like "I love your accent!" I LOVE THESE GUYS! Not too heavy for me at alll. Hell i like the LOSTPROPHETS - which is probably as hard i go.

Look down my links to get to the websites of the bands.

link to the album here -

Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want To Be
Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends
Hard Fi - Stars Of CCTV

The Road To 0 That I'm On

Im nearly at my first bank balance target (-£1250) thanks to Anglian Kitchens who are still paying me conseltation pay - but only for another 3 weeks.

Funny thing is - they are supposed to pay the average you have earned per week. Well i was there three weeks and i earned £160, however because i missed the first week payslot - that got put onto the second week and then second weeks got put onto the third week, totalling up to £160 but because this was all on one pay slip - it goes through the system as 1 weeks pay. So for my conseltation period pay i am TECHINCALLY supposed to get about £50 a week for four week (200 in total), but instead im getting £156 a week for four weeks (632 in total).

A Lot of difference huh? For doing no work what's so ever - so in the end being made redundant from my first job of the summer after three weeks seems a lot like winning.

Oh and i still get my £200 a week from Spar. So i'm a hundred of ROLLING IN IT.

All helps after a really bad finanical year.

I just need to stay off PLAY.com over the summer - which i haven't really been able to do as i've already preordered NOW 61 and WILL AND GRACE series 6. but they are my treats i'm saying.

Out of this money i need to buy a new PC (im going for Dell - but not laptop because Dell Laptops don't have a good rep), a new phone the 7260 - though this can wait until October maybe. And pay for my house over the summer. And little things i'm going to have to buy for the house - things like the ENTIRE linda barker range.

I'll start with paint first - Holly have u decided what your going to paint yet?

Nothing i Have To Say Is Important ? ? ?

This is an old entry into my journal which i'd like to share. I was a bit fragile at the time but i still stand firm against the reaction that i took.

"Do the things that i have to say really mean anything? Do they have an importance to other people? Do people really want to know what i'm feeling? What i think?I have the problems that other people go through but because i don't promote them doesn't mean that i dont go through them. The things that i actually talk about are the things that i care about. If you don't like the things that i'm talking about don't you(censored) say to my face that it is of no importance! It is important to me, and that should be enough to a real friend.I'm sure the person who this is about know who they are - and i'm not afraid to show my feelings.How could have i been so dumb to feel what i did back then - this future has shown me the real light. How i escaped the torment that i could have found myself in. "

Thankfully this reaction is what set me free from what seemed like a spell that i had been put under - finally was broken. And i was free.

10 July 2005

R U aware?

The affects that alcohol have on the body are consistently predictable regardless of the use pattern. Alcohol is a mood altering depressant drug. The reason that alcohol can cause such extensive damage to the body because it can go everywhere. There is no body cell resistant to alcohol. The first stop is the stomach, where without food, alcohol is absorbed directly into the blood stream. Food will actually slow the absorption of alcohol as will fruit juice and water. Vomiting, one of the body’s defenses against an alcohol overdose, and is caused when you drink too much.

Alcohol moves quickly to the brain and passes the blood-brain barrier, which normally keeps harmful substances away from the brain. In the brain, alcohol affects the neurons, causing judgement problems, coordination problems, and a host of other problem.
Once in the blood stream, alcohol goes to the liver for detoxification, or break down, by the alcohol-attacking enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. Eventually, the alcohol is broken down and excreted from the body.

Your Appearance - If you want to have clear skin and bright eyes, don’t drink alcohol. According to researchers, more than one or two drinks a week promote aging. Alcohol is considered a food with non-nutritional calories that quickly add up. When you abuse alcohol, you tend to be undernourished, making your hair dry, giving you cracked lips, aggravating acne, making your eyes look glassy, and giving your skin a puffy, broken vein look.

Your Brain - Alcohol is a depressant that slows brain activity down. While one or two drinks makes most people feel relaxed, more alcohol may cause feelings of anxiety, depression, and often aggression. Alcohol’s first effect as it reaches the outer brain is to distort your judgement and lower you inhibition, while producing euphoria (a sense of pleasure). As you consume more alcohol, and it reaches the cerebellum, your coordination and perception are affected, and you can have memory blackouts. As the alcohol reaches your mid-brain, reflexes diminish, you experience confusion, stupor, and may lapse into a coma. Once the alcohol finally reaches the medulla, or inner core of the brain, your heart rate drops and breathing ceases, resulting in death. Research suggests that continued alcohol use can cause depression. Alcohol robs brain cells of water and glucose, the brain’s food, contributing to a hangover the next day.
Your Gastrointestinal Tract - The stomach is irritated by alcohol, causing increased stomach acid production, causing heartburn and eventually ulcers. Alcohol use is linked to cancer of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines. The liver, due to it’s role in breaking down alcohol, suffers the most damage. Alcohol use leads to destruction of liver cells, fat accumulation around the liver, and cirrhosis which is a fatal condition. Alcohol is also a diuretic, which causes the kidneys to incre ase urinary output, contributing to dehydration and your hangover.
Your Reproductive System - Although the research here is new, it is know that alcohol decreases the male hormone testosterone. Long-term use causes not only decreased function, but size. The use of alcohol in men and women causes increased sexual desire, but decreased performance. Alcohol is toxic to unborn children causing permanent tissue and organ damage.
Other - Alcohol depresses the body’s immune system making it easier to get sick. It also disrupts your sleep patterns, further depressing the immune system. Alcohol has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, constipation, and strokes.

08 July 2005

Spare A Thought To Ex Spice Girl Melanie Brown

Mel B released a new album last Monday and after a week she has sold...........wait for it.......

670 copies

And she has entered the album charts at 453

There's no wonder - when i found out this news and went looking in the shops and not one of them had it in. No Smiths, no woolies, No Sainsbury's, no ASDA. Shame on Amber Cafe!!

07 July 2005

7 July 2005 Tragedy Strikes In London

0851 Seven people die in a blast on a train 100 yards from Liverpool Street station
0856 21 people die in a blast on a train between Russell Square and King's Cross stations
0917 Five people die in blast on a train at Edgware Road station
0947 An unknown number die in a blast on a bus at Tavistock Place.

On what this should have been a day of celebration - we go into a day of mourning

Now 61 Shaping Up Good - Out July 25th

1. Candy Shop-50 Cent
2. Lonely-Akon

3. 1 Thing-Amerie
4. Half Light-Athlete
5. Shot You Down-Audio Bullys Feat. Nancy Sinatra
6. Don't Phunk With My Heart-Black Eyed Peas

7. Slow Down-Bobby Valentino
8. I Like The Way-Bodyrockers
9. Girlfight-Brooke Valentine
10. Jerk It Out-Caesars
11. Crazy Chick-Charlotte Church

12. Speed Of Sound-Coldplay
13. Technologic-Daft Punk
14. Like Toy Soldiers-Eminem
15. Again-Fatih Evans
16. So Much Love To Give-Freeloaders
17. Wake Me Up-Girls Aloud
18. Feel Good Inc-Gorillaz
19. Rich Girl-Gwen Stefani Feat. Eve
20. You're Beautiful-James Blunt
21. They-Jem

Disc Two
Provisional Tracklisting
1. Everyday I Love You Less And Less-Kaiser Chiefs
2. The Other Side Of The World-KT Tunstall

3. Giving You Up-Kylie Minogue
4. It's Like That-Mariah Carey
5. Let Me Love You-Mario
6. Roc Ya Body-MVP
7. Shiver-Natalie Imbruglia
8. N Dey Say-Nelly
9. California-Phantom Planet

10. So Good-Rachel Stevens
11. Somewhere Else-Razorlight

12. Lonely No More-Rob Thomas
13. The Avenue-Roll Deep
14. Trouble-Shakin' Stevens
15. Signs-Snoop Dogg Feat. Justin Timberlake
16. Hate It Or Love It-The Game Feat. 50 Cent
17. Smile Like You Mean It-The Killers
18. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own-U2
19. Beverly Hills-Weezer
20. Switch-Will Smith

03 July 2005

She Returns

Tomb Raider: Legend could i be anymore excited?

I've still gotta finish Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness though and i haven't played on it since Septemeber - i can't even remember where i'm up to.

Tomb Raider was the very first game i got for my PS2 which i bought on the same day that i went to see "the village" which was in August. And for people who remember, yes this WAS nose bleed day.

Lara Croft returns sexy as ever, however i'm feeling cheated because her breasts keep on getting smaller - and it was always tradition for her breasts to get bigger - and they did from the first to Chronicles.

Anyway this is the apparent story line for Lara Croft's Tomb Raider: Legend

"Travelling to several continents in search of a mystical ancient artifact, Lara Croft is pitted against corrupt forces led by a figure from her past...long thought dead"

God - i hope this is Natalie from the first - i loved her so much. Though it could be Pierre (maybe he's gone bad)

I've actually only ever played on the first game and this one but i'm such a big fan of the games, i'm thinking i might hunt down the older ones. But for now i'll get back to Angel Of Darkness.

Bad news is that it's not out til 25/11/2005 (according to Play.com)

02 July 2005

So Today Is The Day

Today is LIVE 8 - and i've just got in from work to find my Dad enjoying it so much that he couldnt hear me knocking at the door.

Luckily for me - he's recorded it so i can enjoy it - and Holly - you can enjoy Madonna once again.

Support the cause by clicking here. Sign the petition!

Its That Time Of Year Again

Yes i am on the look out once again for a new phone - i have had my other one for 6 months now, and the screen has begun to crack cos some of the ink stuff has begun to leak onto the screen - which from experience will only get worse.

I'm thinking of moving on from Nokia - and so far this is my favourite

However i still am a Nokia lover at heart, and i'm contemplating this one

The only thing that WILL remain is that i will still be with o2 - completely loyal to them - ive been with them from the start except for a 6 months turbelent relationship withVodafone.

I will have it by August hopefully

01 July 2005

Coming Soon...From The Makers Of Bo Selecta

click here

How Can They Change Such An Institution?

Friday nights at 7.30pm on BBC1 has been the same for as long as i can remember. We used to sit down and watch the week's chart rundown with Number One being played last, which blended into Eastenders.

But all is now changing. New time, new day, new channel - i think it's wrong to change something that for the past (at least) 20 years has remained the same - what are they going to fill the spot with now? Some repeat? Or some reality TV show?

The only way that i will except this change is if the Beeb give Linda Barker her own TV show SIMPLY LINDA.


Apparently in 1996, Spice Girls named July 1st GIRL POWER day. However, how are you supposed to celebrate something who's founding members no longer believe in the slogan, let alone still together.

There are several MILLION rumours that they are going to do a surprise turn up at Live 8 tomorrow on Hyde Park - but i very much doubt it.

Can't wait for next year. Did you know that it's 9 years since the start of the Spice Girls - however they were only together for 4 years - not longer really considering what they actually achieved

26 June 2005


Is it American or something - trying to invade Britain?

My god! Public execution is in order PLEASE!

Case Is Closed I Don't Negotiate With Love

i love this song - its a older one from Rachel Stevens but if it's not on Now 61 i think im going to have to buy her album.

Or Holly - you did say you might buy it - you buy it and i copy it - yes that sounds good. Now actually i want it for myself. I love the video too - so maybe i'll just buy the single.

30 sec clip here - opens in WM on a new webpage. Enjoy

Sticking on the subject of Rachel Stevens i found this on a website and thought it was hilarious

"She needs to loose the clothes if she wants to do well"

Transfixed With Her Tongue

No, i'm serious. There's this girl at work who has this tongue that is too big for her mouth, and i love the way she speaks because of it - and when she laughs it pops out at the end - i'm seriously transfixed with her.

And it was even better when she said that she loved the way i spoke - and she told Beena that she thought it was sexy, prompting her to smile at me and stick her tongue and then i melted.

Sorry M i've moved on for the summer

25 June 2005

Life Ceases To Rapidly Break Apart

It's like what it was before
Stagnant and dying
The movement has gone
But the decaying still slowly grows

22 June 2005

Results Are In... Has 20164414 passed first year Uni?

Today was EXCELLENT - not only am i finally over my illness (CELEBRATE THAT MY BOWELS ARE REGULAR AGAIN PLEASE), i also found out that i shall be working for SPAR as of Monday (which could be up to £250 a week for me), and also i got my first year results.

Here they are

Business Environment B
Intro To Media Studies C
Creative Writing C
Intro to Management C-
Intro to Popular Culture C-
History And Theory Of Film D

(im telling you Becky - HISTORY AND THEORY OF FILM is a tough marker)

and considering i didn't go to Creative Writing for going on 20 weeks - a C is good.

So at the end of the day - happy days!

20 June 2005

Today I Left Work Early

I left work early today because I booked an appointment for today for a kitchen design at Mrs Underwood's house in Leicester. So i ended up doing 2 hours work but paid for 3 hours - not a lot i know but at least i got home for the start of Wimbledon. Speaking of which....

19 June 2005

Is it just me or is David Boreanaz ageing really quickly? Posted by Hello

Rachel Does A Kylie

click here to see Rachel Stevens total rip off of Kylie's big hit CANT GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD

New Features

New feature coming soon on my blog - and i'm sorting all the structure.

For now i'm going to add one now - and Holly - you'll like this week's special - click on it. (Should be at the top)

Weather Hits All Time HIGH

The weather in England at the minute is ridicilous - how people can enjoy this weather when they are doing anything other than sunbathing is beyond me.

In Milton Keynes yesterday it was 30c. This was unbelievable warm - especially when your surrounded by 60,000 people. It's like Sardines in a tin that's on fire.

However today is set to be EVEN WARMER. The record in this country is 31.5c, and it is set to reach 33c today. News on that later.

17 June 2005

Debbie The Thief

Today, Holly Muggs and I arrived at my flat. I found that my Camping mat was not where i left it. Slowly things unravelled and i found that my towel and showel gel wasn't there. Next i find that my blanket wasn't there. Yes the story was unravelling by the second. I looked in the fridge to find that my bacon was gone plus a breast of chicken that i left in the freezer. Then when we were in ASDA shopping for weekend food - it hit me - all the things didn't matter when in comparison HOlly's Nip Tuck DVD was also missing.

This means WAR

14 June 2005

41.25% Nominations This Week

Derek, Roberto and Sam up for eviction this week. My posse is safe YAY!

Roberto to go please call 09016 16 16 09 or text ROBERTO to 64404 or hit the red button on your remote control (not the power button please)


Hello some good news today - i knew it was going to be a good day for me - i could feel it.

I went to Nuneaton town for an interview - which when i got there i found out that the position had gone - so i walked the 3 mile walk back home and feeling sad i stewed around the house for 4 hours. Half 4 came and i did the 3 mile walk back into town for another interview that turned out to be not an interview - but induction - TODAY I STARTED WORK yey!

At a call centre - crappy work but the time goes really quickly actually before i looked at my watch it was half 6 - half way into my shift.

And the best thing about the job is that there is no set hours really. At the beginning of the week - you ask for the shifts that you can do - and they see if they can fit you in. This week i asked for 5 shift (couldn't do Friday, Saturday and Sunday because of GreenDay) and i got 4 of them. If i get in early i'll be putting down ALL shift - Monday to Sunday. They are only 3 hour shift but there is two shifts a day. The only thing is, is that there is a 4 hour break between the morning shift and afternoon shift so i have to walk home stay there for 2 hours and then go back. This isn't really that bad considering it only takes me 30 minutes to walk there - plus its the exercise i need to get my BP down

13 June 2005

Give Me No Reason To Cry

Got an interview for a job tomorrow at a possible job that i will get paid around £220 a week for. So here's to hoping!

Just added White Stripes to my mini disc list - with The White Stripes, De Stijl, White Blood Cells, Elephant and Get Behind Me Satan all on the disc. I still haven't listened to the whole of Get Behind Me.... yet - i got up to the third song i believe - which was too wierd so i was like - i can't have this when i'm trying to organise something, so i turned it off. Oh no - is this a bad sign? Can this album be better than the best album so far - ELEPHANT - i loved that one from the start - time will only tell.

40.87% An Order Of Sort

I'm going to sorting out my links soon. With a brand new section - SONGS I LIKE. Which will all be avaiable in Real Player.

Nothing much to say at the minute, oh except for things that i learnt today were

Sugar isn't the main cause of Diabetes - its too much Carbohydrates in your diet.

It's been 15 years since the destruction of the Berlin Wall.
115 since the start of the Chinese Boxer Rebellion
And funny thing i heard today was "Is it progress if a cannibal uses a knife and fork?"

12 June 2005


Am i going to be able to stand this when i'm in the middle of a war - with no escape but time

40.16% Searching Dell

I've decided that my reward for working solid for three and a half months is going to be a new PC. i'm going to buy myself a new PC - desktop rather than laptop this time though.

I'm searching Dell website at the min and i can get one for about £300 complete with Windows and Office.

Dad said he would get me one for the start of next year - but if i put something towards it i might be able to get a better one.

Anyone with any UK places i can get cheap ones from? Holly - where did you get your laptop from?

Is This The Worst Song For A Comback?

I'm thinking yes. Mel B has slipped up. If you wanna listen to the track (it's like a minutes clip) then click here. i just think that the backbeat is awaful - its sounds so fast and random.

11 June 2005


Oh how i miss the sandwiches from Herbies.

Is it only in Hull, because i've never seen them elsewhere.

I want someone to bring me one now! Chicken Mayo Lettuce and Tomato on Italian White please.

mmmm stop im hungry!!!!!!!!!!!

40.29% It's A Sad Day In Flat 2 Room 6

And I've landed on home soil. Back in Nuneaton - my home for the next 3 and a half months - oh the joy!

Had to make two trips to get all of my stuff out of the room. And it was sad to see that room so empty - i haven't seen it that empty since September 25th 2004 (GOD THAT SEEMS AGES AGO - i think its the fact that its 2004).

Packing that room was very emotional. Thinking - i'll never watch TV in this room again. I'll never do this in this room again. And even though there was no tears, it was still sad that i would never see this room in the condition that i put it in EVERY again. A couple of things, however, still remain in the room. Namely shower gel, a towel and Holly's copy of Nip/Tuck - so don't forget it! Other than the yoghurt stain on the carpet, that's all that remains.

And now i'm back at my Dad's in Nuneaton - moving into Becky's old room (wow the winnie the pooh room is what i've always wanted - well actually its the attic room so techincally it IS what i've always wanted. Complete with sky light and all so i can climb on the roof and watch the world go by.

But the work has begun, not an hour have i been here and i am already on the hunt for a job - and it's stressfull stuff. But i'm putting myself out there. I'm going for Team Leader at Tesco Express in Whitestone (where my Dad actually lives - its part of Nuneaton & Bedworth). When Monday comes i'm going to be busy calling people and heading around town asking for jobs - and hopefully by the June 20th i will have one. I need to earn money ASAP and as much of it as possible. I'm committed to work 30 hours a week - if i get that is another question. But if i don't get that from one job - i'm going to go for several jobs.


This is Me, Brother David, Brother Wesley at Sister Becky's birthday party. Alas i've found another picture of myself that i like :-p Posted by Hello

Is That What You Think About Me?

just because its kinda fun... took it from keeper (or tota), who took it from mark or tota, who took it from...?
1. What's the first word that comes to mind when you think of me?
2. Go to http://images.google.com/ and search for that word.
3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (don't tell me the word).
4. Use an image tag, i.e. < src="url.of.the.image.goes.here">
5. Put this in your own blog so that I can do the same

10 June 2005

This Is The End

Well that time has come, in 24 hours i shall be gone from Uni. And i'm about to leave Grendon for the last time.

I've packed half of my room. So i've the other half to do - durr.

But so many things to do before that - need to go to finance office (form due May 27th oops) i need to see my crew for one last time (guys - will miss you and can't wait til we move into the house - its going to be wicked)

By the way, any of the Shindig gang - if you wanna come down to see me next year i have a bigger room so i can get ALL of you in if you all wanna come so, BECKY, JENNY DAMIAN, KATHRINE, HOLLY get your arses down here. Holly you're coming first week for freshers week right? i hope so cos i have a job for you to do - help me with painting my room. and i may even just give you your very own wall to do whatever you want to do. I'm thinking non conformity here - different wall reflecting something different. I'm having words on my wall. Holly get thinking of what you can paint on my wall - and bring a brush (i'll provide the paint)

So i'm going now - i'll be coming to Hull sometime over the summer but i'm working in Nuneaton over the summer. but don't worry i'll come up and we can party like its 2005.


Sam to go! Call 09016 16 16 10 or text SAM to 64404

09 June 2005

How Could I Abandoned The Branch

Hello people. There is a new single by Michelle Branch out soon (not sure when) but i just really love this song. And i can't believe how long it has been since i listened her. I really love her music. Favourite track is Goodbye To You (my discovery song - when she played on Buffy) and since then i've loved her. Other good songs are: "Are You Happy Now?" "Everywhere" "Find My Way Back" and the brilliant duet with Santana "Game Of Love" all avaiable on the two albums "Spirit Room" and "Hotel Paper"

If you havent' heard of her before i urge you to click on the link on the side - it's there somewhere.

Now i'm off back to my flat to play her very loud - i have an hour before the warden will be around to tell me to turn it off.


I want to know why Italy aren't in the Eurovision. It's just occured to me. And it remains a mystery

07 June 2005


Results in today - if you're really concerned i'm sure you'll ask me in person and i don't particuarly want to post it here for all to see.

06 June 2005

12 Days To Go

until this.... click here

(it doesnt like this post)

i just found out that this is a open air venue

"My Forbidden Love For Hillary" By Michael Moore

Im near the end of the first Michael Moore (the third one i've read) DOWNSIZE THIS!, and he has dedicated a whole chapter to his one true love, other than his wife.

"Hilary operates from a moral place in her heart, a really foregin concept in Washington"

"Hilary Rodham is one hot shitkickin' feminist babe"

"Hang in there, Hilary. You'll save this country yet."

"Eating Chilli on Tuesday, why would they do that?!?!"

First it was the Germans - oh and how we hate them still - but alas they are still paying for the sins in money - I don't know if you lot know but the German government still gives money to victims of the holocaust.

Secondly it was the Americans - oh how we love to hate these people for revolting against us in 1776 (I got the date right, didn't I?) and taking charge of us November 2000. Can anyone say robots? "I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the united states of America. And to the republic for which it stands. One nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." conformity much?

And now it seems that we have another country trying to invade UCN - the Canadians, who believe eating chilli on a Tuesday is morally wrong? Okay something is up when eating a particular food on a particular day is unethical. Wierd much?

Has It Come To This?>


Alas a break from the boring arguing in the Big Brother House, but i'm sure the usual routine of arguing will resume soon.

I used to like arguing in Big Brother but for the past 8 days they have been arguing EVERY day, and it just ain't good when it's only been on 9 days. 60 days to go


today was my first visit to the doctor this week (with at least 4 planned visits this week). I had to go and collect a container for a urine test that i have to do and the container is massive. It's one of those containers that have PVA glue in them - you know from school - i always remember these at primary school cos for some odd reason we used to pour glue on our hands and let it set so we'd be able to peel it off - WOW how exciting was primary school huh?

Anyway results are in and i've got to go see the doctor tomorrow at half 10 to get the results. Is it a bad sign that they wouldn't give me the results over the desk?

05 June 2005

Thy Has Been Tempted

I'm actually tempted to buy Steve Brookstein's new album cos it has one of my favourite songs on it - Your Love Keeps On Lifting Me Higher And Higher (i think it's perfect for Claire's Adventures - so it's an investment really) and also yet another version of Against All Odds is no bad thing