20 March 2006

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Hasn't really been god living my life this past week. I have rent problems and now getting back into contact with my recent Ex hasnt really made things any better. The second really was just like a slap in the face.

Well you see this relationship lasted about 3 months, which isn't really a long time but it still meant something to me. But anyway my ex introduced me to the new boyfriend, first shocked at what he was like but then that just went and my ex started talking about how good he felt when he was around him and im sure my ex should hear my heart breaking in two right at that precise moment. Then my ex degrading the situation of our realtionship - from what i still thought it was to something worse. I just don't know how they work, i really don't. My ex just threw everything away that was until i showed them the poem i wrote on Valentines Day which i never got the chance to give in the end because it ended a week after the day http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/30346791/
after seeing this my ex started crying and said that they wished that they had been given this on VDay then things would have been different. Once again im not understanding, i thought that this might get my ex back and it just didnt work - all i got was WHAT IF... which isnt what i wanted at all. And now i'm thinking what is my ex thinking? Do they have this in the back of their minds? Whilst they are with him? How could someone do this?
And now i just sit broken hearted trying to move on but its in the back mind all the time

06 March 2006

Band Candy

The band for your consideration this month - and i think this i will be making a regular thing, are The Futureheads - they've been around a while in the UK. And i've loved them since i heard HOUNDS of LOVE on the radio - which i didn't know was a Kate Bush cover until a couple of minutes ago.

Okay so as its the first for your consideration thing i'm also going to suggest that everyone checks out Orson - they've just released their debut single which made it top 10 this weekend. It's called No Tomorrow - and it's really good. I've only heard two other songs from them but they seem to be really good. Can't wait to hear more from them.

Oh and for good luck, on the pop front, Girls Aloud's new single comes out this month it's called Whole Lotta History - its a nice ballad - the best ballad they've done so far (and it's not a cover which makes it even better FYI the two other ballads that they have released have been covers - I'll Stand By You and See The Day)

I'm Boycotting OSCAR!

Not only did the academy fail to recognise Seann William Scott performance in Dukes Of Hazzard as BRILLIANT but they also built up mine and the rest of the world's hope, including himself, by nominating Heath Ledger for Best Actor for Brokeback Mountain.

Now I am a bigBIG fan of Brokeback Mountain - infact it's my favourite film to date, and i stand by it proudly. But how has the academy failed to acknoweldge its superiroty over such a medicore film like CRASH.
Heath also lost out to Phillip Seymour Hoffman - which was always the favourite, but also the film was snubbed by such an actor like George Clooney literally STEALING the award of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Frankly i am ashamed and appauled at such a display by what was ONCE the best award show - at least the British have some taste (referring of course to the BAFTAs)