27 January 2006

Self Healing

Even though its benefitted me, i really do hate my PC, because for no apparent reason it just stops working. - well the internet connection anyway, and its just mine out 6 pcs so its not the actual connection. But then this morning when i woke up the internt was working.

It's been about a week since it last worked, and i really just don't understand how it works.

it all stemmed from when i put it into standby so i didnt have to shut it down and then reboot in a couple of hours - cos lets face it that is a lot of hassle, but at the same time i wanted to save electricity.

Ah well at least its working now - but for how long.

In other news...

last night i went to see JOURNEY SOUTH (who came third in X factor 2). I voted for them and i wanted them to win but alas the power of the teen girl was too strong for us northerners (they are from Middlesborough) and so yet another teen idol won. YAWN YAWN

In other news...

I've started work on my novel i'm starting to write. I've only done a few pages at the minute but i think it's steming out alright. It's kinda a mix between Nasty Images/Adventures Of.../Life As It Was (still yet to be completed), which you may be thinking - why is he still writing the same stuff. Well the answer is that Nasty Images was lost in cyberspace after my old laptop had a meltdown. Adventures is still ongoing and is bit more fictional then this is, and Life As It Was was something totally different, i suppose you could actually say that the new one is like a continuation of Life As It Was (which was basically all about before and during Uni, whereas the new one seems to be going on the lines of AFTER).

In other important news for at least one of my friends (ooo but which one)...

The cleaner that STOLE of me last year has been sacked. And they've finally found the stuff, including NIP TUCK SEASON 1!

anyway signing off for now

19 January 2006

The Call Is Coming From Inside The House!

Such a classic Urban Legend, i didn't realise that this urban legend was actually a film back in 1979 called WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, and thanks to AIM i have learnt that there is going to be a remake of it in February (dunno if that's UK or US release though)

if you wanna read about it go here ( http://www.empireonline.com/futurefilms/film.asp?id=11176)

18 January 2006

Forgiveness Is More Than Saying Sorry

Anyone who has seen the film JUST FRIENDS yet will know what this link is about and indeeds the title of this post.

i ordered the soundtrack just so i could have this song on my mp3.

But here's a link to a myspace page devoted to the film and Samantha (Anna Faris character) and my favourite song at the minute - FORGIVENESS - the lyrics are just brilliant, although i think the Mall lyrics are btter


01 January 2006