30 August 2005

We've Entered The Liquid Generation

You guys SOOO have to check this website out - it's so funny.

love suck my news feature

and the Lindsay Lohan cartoons are always funny


26 August 2005

"It's Been A While"

*Scary Movie*

well it has been a while since i last posted on here, and so many things have happened.

i have become experimental photographer (having temporarily dropped the writing) and if go to my DA page you will see what i have been up to http://simonsenlis.deviantart.com/gallery/

I've also dyed my hair - it is now Cosmic Blue with Blue COLOUR FX in it. Well it was time for a change really - and i'm liking it.

I went back to Hull last weekend - and it was great. We had a really good night on the Saturday and if you can see from my DA there is some really interesting photos that i took in Position nightclub.

I didn't realise how much i really missed Hull until i went back this time. Just the little things - like actually having a HMV to go into (although Nuneaton is soon going to be gettting a HMV - i think it opens Sept 1st), Herbies sandwiches, hearing other people talking like i do. it's just the little things really.

And this time next month i will be in the new house in Northampton, i will be a resident of 133 Adnitt Road, and i will finally be living with Lauren, Lee, Louise, Richard and Twitch. To be honest i can't wait. Lauren said "welcome to the world of colour" andthat she's going to help me with my colouring when we're living together. It's going to be a recurring theme i think. My next i want is - Red - but i want a deep warm red rather than the BRIGHT red that thankfully went wrong - god can you imagine me with bright red hair? i'm quite liking my blackblue hair at the minute. i wish it didn't make a mess in the bathroom though - or at least you could see the mess as soon as you've done it, unlike leaving it cos it doesn't look a mess then hours later it looks a mess cos there's dye EVERYWHERE.

Anyway im going to get back to photographer and getting to think what to do next. I'm thinking Wilderness!

15 August 2005

The Feud - Pick Your Side

God knows what they are fighting over but it seems that even channel 4 have chosen a side in the feud. In the new addvert for Simple Life 3 (recorded before the rift), they introduce the show as starring Rich girl Paris Hilton with her less wealthy friend.

Tut tut not even mentioning her name

her name is NICOLE RICHIE if they have forgotten!!!!!!!

And no matter of slimming pills will stop my love for her.

And in the middle is LINDSAY LOHAN - actor, singer, and presenter (god i remember her doing the MTV show - terrible especially when she randomly used to burst into rapping on stage - i was like OH MY GOD)

Anyway pick your side!

Either Paris "i dont like Tinkerbell anymore cos she's not a puppy anymore"Hilton
or Nicole "do u wanna pop some slimming pills with me?" Richie

09 August 2005


It's been a while since i last saw Manchester United play - thinking back it was the FA Cup Final against Arsenal in May - and what a sad day it was.

But we're back, the start of the season is here and our first match is under way.

Look at my special Man U blog - for results/goals and stuff.


I'm coming home.

I'll be returning to the homeland of KINGSTONG UPON HULL on the 19th August for three days.


03 August 2005

Trapt In The World Beneath The Floor

It's becoming a recurring theme to tell you (the people) about new bands that i've been scoping.

This week's i've discovered a band called TRAPT. They are along the same kind of stuff as LostProphets - which is making me like -because i love the LostProphets album.

Anyway - if you wanna check them out go to:


In Love With A Piece Of Technology

I've had my MP3 player for about 12 days now - and i'm stil (in the words of Ronald McDonald) LOVIN' IT.

I've got about 1,000 songs on it so far which is only like a 1/15 of it's capactity.

So far i have the following artist on it (i'm transfering ALL MY CD's so there are some bad ones here):

Aimee Mann
Avril Lavinge
Basement Jaxx
Blind Jackson
Daniel Bedingfield
Emma Bunton
Franz Ferdinand
Geri Halliwell
Girls Aloud
Green Day
Gwen Stefani
James Blunt
Kaiser Cheifs
Kings Of Leon
Kristian Leontio
Lost Prophets
Maroon 5
Melanie B
Melanie C
Michelle Branch
Natalie Imbruglia
Natasha Bedingfield
Phil Collins
Rachel Stevens
Robbie Williams
Scissor Sisters
Shaznay Lewis
Sheryl Crow
Snow Patrol
The Boomtown Rats
The Calling
The Editors
The Killers
The Libertines
The Magic Numbers
The Streets
The Strokes
The Subways
The Thrills
The Undertones
The White Stripes
The Zutons
Will Young

And still many to go. In fact i'm sitting with a lot of soundtracks and compliations at the minute - so my artist count is going to go up severely because some of them will contain only one track - but still.

Anyway i think everyone should get on of these MP3 deals - i hooked mine up to my speakers today - and i've already put my CD player away. It sounds so impressive and unique. And on shuffle - sounds amazing - playing up to 1,000 hours worth of music (for fact loving people) it would take a month and a half to play at the songs (non stop) - all full capacity.