23 September 2005

Tomorrow Is The Start Of The 2nd chance

Well it's been a year since i started University. I can't believe it's been a year, but then thinking about it does seem a long time ago when left Swanland the way i did, and then went to Uni the following day.

And tomorrow i'm moving into the house where i will be living with Lauren, Lee, Louise, Richard and Twitch.

Should be fun and loud, and VERY different from living with the others last year - for one i won't have a psycho living next to me and the hosue won;t smell of weed all the time

18 September 2005

Push The Button

The new Sugababes song is SOO good.

U can see it here (opens in media player)


17 September 2005

It Came And Went So Fast

Click on links for pictures corresponding with the events. LINKS TO PICTURES FOR STUFF HERE SHOULD BE WORKING SOON - they will be hyperlinked from certain key words - like people and places

Well yesterday was my trip to London - and as soon as we had left the TATE MODERN (we spent about two hours in there) i realised that 8 hours was just not going to be enough time to see London, we goddamitt i was going to try and see as much as i could within the short space of time (even though i'm hopefully going to go back next Saturday to meet up with Lee).

So we arrived in Euston Station at around 10am on the VIRGIN PRINCESS we jumped on the tube to Cannon Street to change to Mansion House (this is where Holly dropped her ticket on the way out of Mansion House - just before the ticket machines), so that slowed us down a little bit - she found in the end on the bottom of the stairs near the platform. So we left Mansion House and started the short walk to the Millenium Bridge. We turned onto the bridge - which looked nothing like the Millenium Bridge in Hull - but then again what could you expect .

Looking behind me there was a massive dome like structure - which was St Paul's Cathedral. Walking over the Millenium Bridge we could see right down the river toward London Bridge and infront of us was the Tate. We entered the Tate and without realising - Holly had already entered the gift shop (isn't this supposed to be the last stop of the visit in the Tate?) So we went into the main part of the Tate (levels 3 and 5 were free so we stuck to them). I was happy because i got to see some Dali pictures - the Lobster Phone and Moutain Lake (have to check the name on that one)

We exited the Tate - after i had bought a Dali book for the cheap price of a tenner - and we had fun feeding the pigeons along the river - along with two that had deformed feet.

We then took off and walked along the river towards London Bridge and we found ourselves now talking in Texan/South accents - for some odd reason (ah yes the fact that we had seen Dukes Of "Boom Shak A Lak" Hazzard the night before may have been the reason behind that. We also started following some Germans - who we eventually lost, but they took us to all the good places - Shakespeare's Globe, the bridge were the tramp was - see picture for wierd forcefield around him - (infact this was the only tramp i saw all day, and i actually saw more tramps than McDonalds).

So we got to London Bridge and we walked across the majestic structure and we walked around the side of the Tower of London. We walked then to Tower Hill Station

Got here to Westminster were we were just in time to hear Big Ben strike 2pm. As we walked across Westminster Bridge we saw The London Eye however we decided against going on it as it took half an hour and by this time we were thinking that we were running out of time- after all we did have Madame Tussaud's to go to.

So after about 5 minutes walking around there and seeing our first tourist stand selling the usual Union Jack hats etc. we got back on the tube to Baker Street (the home of Sherlock Holmes) and we walked to Madame Tussaud's. I was very shocked when we entered to see that they were searching everyone (cos i hear that the terrorists have this big thing about blowing up the waxworks - i just call that liberation - THERES A REASON THEY LOOK SO REAL. So we entered the cue - that wrapped right around pillars and stairs and onto the next level. So we had fun for about an hour in the line, thinking about what celeb we were about to meet (i wonder if my restraining orders still apply to their waxworks?? - but alas i don't think Linda Barker will ever have a waxwork - we should start a petition right now!

So we entered the first room - and who was the first celeb that we saw?? - well i think it was actually George Clooney - but the first celeb that we had taken was - SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR - after pondering whether it was her or not. Turning around i was like - DUDE! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stood together - LOL - then i wondered where Jennifer Aniston was - later found that she was stood with Tom Cruise. Who else did we see? Well we saw Nicolas Cage, Colin Farrell (who looked quite good actually), Kylie on all fours, a rather bad Britney from the MTV days with the I'm A Slave 4U stage, Sir Patrick Stewart, Chris Tarrant, shared crisps with Gary Linekar - had a thing with Madonna (who we only knew it was her because it said on her champagne bucket, Elle MacPherson, John Travolta, posed with Penelope Cruzho was no longer standing with Tom Cruise, Posh and Becks were quite good, watcvhed people sit down for dinner with George Clooney, shook hands (albeit not Shaky Hand man style) with Tom Cruise, sat and hugged Ant & Dec, got head to head with Graham Norton, did the drama pose with Jerry Springer, danced with Barbara Windsor, Pasty from Ab Fab, called J Lo a slut, took a proper papparizzi picture of David Jason, Arnold Swarzneggar, flew with Superman, Harrison Ford (Indiana), sat with Steven Spielberg in the directors chair, laughed and joked with Robin Williams, got a scarily real pic of Whoopie Goldberg, Sean Connery - the best bond, Pierce Brosnan (2nd best bond), Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, sad pose with Charlie Chaplin, Madam Tussauds, Bush and Blair, some random Hallo that i foget the name of but i know it was Kim Jong Il - i SO wish it was, angry Hilter (was he ever happy?), William Shakespeare, The Beatles, kissed the Queen's Mother whilst trying to steal her bag, Pope John Paul, David Beckham , Michael Owen, Johnny Wilkinson, X factor judges, Richard Branson, Einstein, Van Gogh and Pablo Piccasso and then it was into the Chamber Live - oh after having to sing a song to move on (i forget which one i sang now - Holly can u remember?)

The Chamber Live - was quite jumpy - oh and i will never forget the woman at the beginning - WHERES MY PRESENT - Holly why wasnt we dramatic and got like I DONT KNOW PLEASE DONT KILL ME I DIDNT MEAN TO FORGET IT - SPARE ME! Then at the end there was Mrs, Ruin it for everyone and Hypoventalate. Then that was over and it was back on the tube to Euston and we got the Virgin Train back to Nuneaton. Overal it was a very good day - made better with the weather. I had my first experience with the tube - which i was very impressed with - why can't every city have one?

On the train home (which only took an hour) i decided that i was going to go back the following week to see Lee (flatmate from Uni) and stories from that will follow soon.

LINKS TO PICTURES FOR STUFF HERE SHOULD BE WORKING SOON - they will be hyperlinked from certain key words - like people and places

10 September 2005

My Heart Of London

Well i haven't posted about the adventures of last weekend yet - but don't worry it's on the way.

But for now - im going back. To London. Yep i loved it so much i'm doing all again a week after. Well okay maybe not ALL again - i'm doing the places i didn't see last week. BASICALLY west London because the lines to that side were shut on the tube.

So anyway - speak to you later and we'll see if the world stops at 2.15pm on Sunday - i take it everyone knows what that means

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03 September 2005

The Day Has Finally - Virgin Trip To London

Holly and I have been waiting for this day for a while - it was talked about back before Easter i think.

Well i have a trusty map with me of the entire Central London provided by Fiona - thanks - and i am armed with a budget of about £100.

Also armed with my camera - here i go