26 June 2005


Is it American or something - trying to invade Britain?

My god! Public execution is in order PLEASE!

Case Is Closed I Don't Negotiate With Love

i love this song - its a older one from Rachel Stevens but if it's not on Now 61 i think im going to have to buy her album.

Or Holly - you did say you might buy it - you buy it and i copy it - yes that sounds good. Now actually i want it for myself. I love the video too - so maybe i'll just buy the single.

30 sec clip here - opens in WM on a new webpage. Enjoy

Sticking on the subject of Rachel Stevens i found this on a website and thought it was hilarious

"She needs to loose the clothes if she wants to do well"

Transfixed With Her Tongue

No, i'm serious. There's this girl at work who has this tongue that is too big for her mouth, and i love the way she speaks because of it - and when she laughs it pops out at the end - i'm seriously transfixed with her.

And it was even better when she said that she loved the way i spoke - and she told Beena that she thought it was sexy, prompting her to smile at me and stick her tongue and then i melted.

Sorry M i've moved on for the summer

25 June 2005

Life Ceases To Rapidly Break Apart

It's like what it was before
Stagnant and dying
The movement has gone
But the decaying still slowly grows

22 June 2005

Results Are In... Has 20164414 passed first year Uni?

Today was EXCELLENT - not only am i finally over my illness (CELEBRATE THAT MY BOWELS ARE REGULAR AGAIN PLEASE), i also found out that i shall be working for SPAR as of Monday (which could be up to £250 a week for me), and also i got my first year results.

Here they are

Business Environment B
Intro To Media Studies C
Creative Writing C
Intro to Management C-
Intro to Popular Culture C-
History And Theory Of Film D

(im telling you Becky - HISTORY AND THEORY OF FILM is a tough marker)

and considering i didn't go to Creative Writing for going on 20 weeks - a C is good.

So at the end of the day - happy days!

20 June 2005

Today I Left Work Early

I left work early today because I booked an appointment for today for a kitchen design at Mrs Underwood's house in Leicester. So i ended up doing 2 hours work but paid for 3 hours - not a lot i know but at least i got home for the start of Wimbledon. Speaking of which....

19 June 2005

Is it just me or is David Boreanaz ageing really quickly? Posted by Hello

Rachel Does A Kylie

click here to see Rachel Stevens total rip off of Kylie's big hit CANT GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD

New Features

New feature coming soon on my blog - and i'm sorting all the structure.

For now i'm going to add one now - and Holly - you'll like this week's special - click on it. (Should be at the top)

Weather Hits All Time HIGH

The weather in England at the minute is ridicilous - how people can enjoy this weather when they are doing anything other than sunbathing is beyond me.

In Milton Keynes yesterday it was 30c. This was unbelievable warm - especially when your surrounded by 60,000 people. It's like Sardines in a tin that's on fire.

However today is set to be EVEN WARMER. The record in this country is 31.5c, and it is set to reach 33c today. News on that later.

17 June 2005

Debbie The Thief

Today, Holly Muggs and I arrived at my flat. I found that my Camping mat was not where i left it. Slowly things unravelled and i found that my towel and showel gel wasn't there. Next i find that my blanket wasn't there. Yes the story was unravelling by the second. I looked in the fridge to find that my bacon was gone plus a breast of chicken that i left in the freezer. Then when we were in ASDA shopping for weekend food - it hit me - all the things didn't matter when in comparison HOlly's Nip Tuck DVD was also missing.

This means WAR

14 June 2005

41.25% Nominations This Week

Derek, Roberto and Sam up for eviction this week. My posse is safe YAY!

Roberto to go please call 09016 16 16 09 or text ROBERTO to 64404 or hit the red button on your remote control (not the power button please)


Hello some good news today - i knew it was going to be a good day for me - i could feel it.

I went to Nuneaton town for an interview - which when i got there i found out that the position had gone - so i walked the 3 mile walk back home and feeling sad i stewed around the house for 4 hours. Half 4 came and i did the 3 mile walk back into town for another interview that turned out to be not an interview - but induction - TODAY I STARTED WORK yey!

At a call centre - crappy work but the time goes really quickly actually before i looked at my watch it was half 6 - half way into my shift.

And the best thing about the job is that there is no set hours really. At the beginning of the week - you ask for the shifts that you can do - and they see if they can fit you in. This week i asked for 5 shift (couldn't do Friday, Saturday and Sunday because of GreenDay) and i got 4 of them. If i get in early i'll be putting down ALL shift - Monday to Sunday. They are only 3 hour shift but there is two shifts a day. The only thing is, is that there is a 4 hour break between the morning shift and afternoon shift so i have to walk home stay there for 2 hours and then go back. This isn't really that bad considering it only takes me 30 minutes to walk there - plus its the exercise i need to get my BP down

13 June 2005

Give Me No Reason To Cry

Got an interview for a job tomorrow at a possible job that i will get paid around £220 a week for. So here's to hoping!

Just added White Stripes to my mini disc list - with The White Stripes, De Stijl, White Blood Cells, Elephant and Get Behind Me Satan all on the disc. I still haven't listened to the whole of Get Behind Me.... yet - i got up to the third song i believe - which was too wierd so i was like - i can't have this when i'm trying to organise something, so i turned it off. Oh no - is this a bad sign? Can this album be better than the best album so far - ELEPHANT - i loved that one from the start - time will only tell.

40.87% An Order Of Sort

I'm going to sorting out my links soon. With a brand new section - SONGS I LIKE. Which will all be avaiable in Real Player.

Nothing much to say at the minute, oh except for things that i learnt today were

Sugar isn't the main cause of Diabetes - its too much Carbohydrates in your diet.

It's been 15 years since the destruction of the Berlin Wall.
115 since the start of the Chinese Boxer Rebellion
And funny thing i heard today was "Is it progress if a cannibal uses a knife and fork?"

12 June 2005


Am i going to be able to stand this when i'm in the middle of a war - with no escape but time

40.16% Searching Dell

I've decided that my reward for working solid for three and a half months is going to be a new PC. i'm going to buy myself a new PC - desktop rather than laptop this time though.

I'm searching Dell website at the min and i can get one for about £300 complete with Windows and Office.

Dad said he would get me one for the start of next year - but if i put something towards it i might be able to get a better one.

Anyone with any UK places i can get cheap ones from? Holly - where did you get your laptop from?

Is This The Worst Song For A Comback?

I'm thinking yes. Mel B has slipped up. If you wanna listen to the track (it's like a minutes clip) then click here. i just think that the backbeat is awaful - its sounds so fast and random.

11 June 2005


Oh how i miss the sandwiches from Herbies.

Is it only in Hull, because i've never seen them elsewhere.

I want someone to bring me one now! Chicken Mayo Lettuce and Tomato on Italian White please.

mmmm stop im hungry!!!!!!!!!!!

40.29% It's A Sad Day In Flat 2 Room 6

And I've landed on home soil. Back in Nuneaton - my home for the next 3 and a half months - oh the joy!

Had to make two trips to get all of my stuff out of the room. And it was sad to see that room so empty - i haven't seen it that empty since September 25th 2004 (GOD THAT SEEMS AGES AGO - i think its the fact that its 2004).

Packing that room was very emotional. Thinking - i'll never watch TV in this room again. I'll never do this in this room again. And even though there was no tears, it was still sad that i would never see this room in the condition that i put it in EVERY again. A couple of things, however, still remain in the room. Namely shower gel, a towel and Holly's copy of Nip/Tuck - so don't forget it! Other than the yoghurt stain on the carpet, that's all that remains.

And now i'm back at my Dad's in Nuneaton - moving into Becky's old room (wow the winnie the pooh room is what i've always wanted - well actually its the attic room so techincally it IS what i've always wanted. Complete with sky light and all so i can climb on the roof and watch the world go by.

But the work has begun, not an hour have i been here and i am already on the hunt for a job - and it's stressfull stuff. But i'm putting myself out there. I'm going for Team Leader at Tesco Express in Whitestone (where my Dad actually lives - its part of Nuneaton & Bedworth). When Monday comes i'm going to be busy calling people and heading around town asking for jobs - and hopefully by the June 20th i will have one. I need to earn money ASAP and as much of it as possible. I'm committed to work 30 hours a week - if i get that is another question. But if i don't get that from one job - i'm going to go for several jobs.


This is Me, Brother David, Brother Wesley at Sister Becky's birthday party. Alas i've found another picture of myself that i like :-p Posted by Hello

Is That What You Think About Me?

just because its kinda fun... took it from keeper (or tota), who took it from mark or tota, who took it from...?
1. What's the first word that comes to mind when you think of me?
2. Go to http://images.google.com/ and search for that word.
3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (don't tell me the word).
4. Use an image tag, i.e. < src="url.of.the.image.goes.here">
5. Put this in your own blog so that I can do the same

10 June 2005

This Is The End

Well that time has come, in 24 hours i shall be gone from Uni. And i'm about to leave Grendon for the last time.

I've packed half of my room. So i've the other half to do - durr.

But so many things to do before that - need to go to finance office (form due May 27th oops) i need to see my crew for one last time (guys - will miss you and can't wait til we move into the house - its going to be wicked)

By the way, any of the Shindig gang - if you wanna come down to see me next year i have a bigger room so i can get ALL of you in if you all wanna come so, BECKY, JENNY DAMIAN, KATHRINE, HOLLY get your arses down here. Holly you're coming first week for freshers week right? i hope so cos i have a job for you to do - help me with painting my room. and i may even just give you your very own wall to do whatever you want to do. I'm thinking non conformity here - different wall reflecting something different. I'm having words on my wall. Holly get thinking of what you can paint on my wall - and bring a brush (i'll provide the paint)

So i'm going now - i'll be coming to Hull sometime over the summer but i'm working in Nuneaton over the summer. but don't worry i'll come up and we can party like its 2005.


Sam to go! Call 09016 16 16 10 or text SAM to 64404

09 June 2005

How Could I Abandoned The Branch

Hello people. There is a new single by Michelle Branch out soon (not sure when) but i just really love this song. And i can't believe how long it has been since i listened her. I really love her music. Favourite track is Goodbye To You (my discovery song - when she played on Buffy) and since then i've loved her. Other good songs are: "Are You Happy Now?" "Everywhere" "Find My Way Back" and the brilliant duet with Santana "Game Of Love" all avaiable on the two albums "Spirit Room" and "Hotel Paper"

If you havent' heard of her before i urge you to click on the link on the side - it's there somewhere.

Now i'm off back to my flat to play her very loud - i have an hour before the warden will be around to tell me to turn it off.


I want to know why Italy aren't in the Eurovision. It's just occured to me. And it remains a mystery

07 June 2005


Results in today - if you're really concerned i'm sure you'll ask me in person and i don't particuarly want to post it here for all to see.

06 June 2005

12 Days To Go

until this.... click here

(it doesnt like this post)

i just found out that this is a open air venue

"My Forbidden Love For Hillary" By Michael Moore

Im near the end of the first Michael Moore (the third one i've read) DOWNSIZE THIS!, and he has dedicated a whole chapter to his one true love, other than his wife.

"Hilary operates from a moral place in her heart, a really foregin concept in Washington"

"Hilary Rodham is one hot shitkickin' feminist babe"

"Hang in there, Hilary. You'll save this country yet."

"Eating Chilli on Tuesday, why would they do that?!?!"

First it was the Germans - oh and how we hate them still - but alas they are still paying for the sins in money - I don't know if you lot know but the German government still gives money to victims of the holocaust.

Secondly it was the Americans - oh how we love to hate these people for revolting against us in 1776 (I got the date right, didn't I?) and taking charge of us November 2000. Can anyone say robots? "I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the united states of America. And to the republic for which it stands. One nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." conformity much?

And now it seems that we have another country trying to invade UCN - the Canadians, who believe eating chilli on a Tuesday is morally wrong? Okay something is up when eating a particular food on a particular day is unethical. Wierd much?

Has It Come To This?>


Alas a break from the boring arguing in the Big Brother House, but i'm sure the usual routine of arguing will resume soon.

I used to like arguing in Big Brother but for the past 8 days they have been arguing EVERY day, and it just ain't good when it's only been on 9 days. 60 days to go


today was my first visit to the doctor this week (with at least 4 planned visits this week). I had to go and collect a container for a urine test that i have to do and the container is massive. It's one of those containers that have PVA glue in them - you know from school - i always remember these at primary school cos for some odd reason we used to pour glue on our hands and let it set so we'd be able to peel it off - WOW how exciting was primary school huh?

Anyway results are in and i've got to go see the doctor tomorrow at half 10 to get the results. Is it a bad sign that they wouldn't give me the results over the desk?

05 June 2005

Thy Has Been Tempted

I'm actually tempted to buy Steve Brookstein's new album cos it has one of my favourite songs on it - Your Love Keeps On Lifting Me Higher And Higher (i think it's perfect for Claire's Adventures - so it's an investment really) and also yet another version of Against All Odds is no bad thing


The Pig nosed proprietors of the local shop who don't like change. In fact they don't even give change.

04 June 2005

03 June 2005

Sausages Trumps Onion Rings

Today i watched The Simple Life 2: Road Trip and Nicole Ritchie (who i keep on wanting to call Paris Hilton) finally beat her onion rings performance with her performance with SAUSAGE MEAT! you have to see the episode of TSL2: Road Trip where they work at the sausage making place - even though it WILL put you off sausages

GO NICOLE bring us more food antics


Well we may need to wait a while to see The White Stripes they have a tour of Europe (only UK date is Glastonbury) and then USA. And that is up until the end of August. They normally play in Bridlington though so that would be good so i'll keep out an eye for that - meanwhile Holly i have bought us tickets for the Spice Girl reunion - HAHA

You Took A White Orchid And Turned It Blue

If ASDA have this CD on Monday then i will be in the possession of the new White Stripes album. I can't wait - does anyone wanna go and see them because they are often in the North Of England aren't they?

Return Of The Hair


Now my first year is over and it's time to relax for the time that i have left - around a week, before i can begin the solid hardass work over the summer - which is another reason why i can't wait for October - so i can get back to Uni move into the house and finally not worry about working for the money, but alas as soon as i do move into the house - before i even unpack stuff i am going to go out there and find another job to finance me through my second year.

It is strange to think that i've been here a whole year and i think i've changed as a person - but it's not all been good things

It's All Over,It's All Over

And the curtain has closed for another year on the exam front.

02 June 2005



Cleaning Out The Rubbish To Find The Treasure

Today I was cleaning up the part of my bedroom that i have never cleaned up throwing out a whole binbag full of papers and lecture notes and letters from Uni (from 2004!) and i found the poem that i wrote in Popular Culture - the one that i thought that i had lost in Business. Well alas no it's no way ready to be posted but i just thought i'd tell you all that today has been a bright day really, despite the fact that my puncture wound where they took blood has come up with a really nasty looking Browny Grey bruise.

The poem is a full a4 piece of paper with all the margins filled in too and because i wrote it like 2 months ago i've forgotten what order the stanzas went in - so it might take me a while to decifer that. Oh and i need to change the title because the title is the same as the subtitle of one of the These Four Walls (oh which i haven't done in a long time).

People, check out my poetry at http://simonsenlis.deviantart.com just incase you forgot the link.

Anyway Big Brother to watch now, and last night there was fights. :-)

No Wonders I'm Stressing

I've just figured out what i need to earn over the summer. To pay for the house, and pay my student overdraft back to O, i need to earn about £150 a week over the summer, which is without spending a single penny of, and that doesn't include board that my Dad is asking for if i end up living there in Nuneaton.

So maybe Hull would be better to spend over the summer - no board at my Mum's i hope, infact i just won't pay it. But its the location of Swanland that is really putting me off because it is so far away from Hull - where i'm going to have to find the work.

This dilemma is stressing me out! So unless i win the lottery (but how cos i dont play) then i'm going to have to work my ass off over the summer, none stop, stopping at nothing, being unsocial and irriratable.

My Dream Girl

Looked Dead Didn't I? Well i wasn't!

"Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey"

Tonight i am going to be watching the double bill of Kill Bill - it has been so long since i did watch this film. I was going to watch Vanilla Sky, but someone has borrowed it and i didn't even know who.

Anyway so i shall be watching my favourite Tarantino movie, and one of my favourite films EVER (counting Vol 1 and Vol 2 as one film), in fact i need to think about my favourite films again - because there's so many. Donnie Darko (original cut), I Heart Huckabees, Vanilla Sky, Kill Bill but i'm not sure about the order really


I love Team American World Police - and my favourite character has got to be kim Jong-Il - he always makes me laugh, especially when he says Hello. - "Hearoo", i love the bit where he's like "I can't believe i have a Cheyennen infront of me telling when he's going to take an order, Hearoo!"

Oh and Matt Damon always makes me laugh. "MATT DAMON!"

Mariah Carey's not white???????????????????????????!!!

For Live 8 she is counted towards the non-white acts

I Think I Need Help

I've been learning about depression today. Some of the things seem very familiar - infact they all do


01 June 2005

Feel The Fear

I've just heard Geri Halliwell say that a song on her album called "Feel The Fear" and she said it was inspired by "Deep Impact". Random to you but now i want to hear this because i'm loving movie/TV inspiration at the minute