31 May 2005


I want all that read this to go and buy, download or ship geri's new single. The best format? The dvd you get to see the milk!

If It Feels Like Sex Then Give It Baby Thats A Rest

Okay i'm going to keep it as a Spice Girls themed day by talking about them.

Next year is the tenth anniversary of the release of WANNABE . i can't believe that it's ten years since i went around to Laura Harrisons house to watch the video for Wannabe and remember picking out my favourite right there and then - of course it had to be GERI HALLIWELL.

From this

through this

Will we see this once again when the possibly reunite for the tenth anniversary?

LA State Of Mind

Wow dude - i didn't realise that Melanie B was releasing a new album and single soon - as in in two weeks time. When did all this happen?

You Fill Me With Desire

Geri Halliwell's new single is out now and i am going to be buying the DVD format of it tomorrow just so i can keep the video FOREVER! i love the video so much.

Hoping Geri will do good on this song - the best one from her yet

Your Love Is Like Oxygen

Just had my blood tests done and they did more tests than i thought that they were going to. It stung but i had an informative study of the map when she was doing it. It took a while for my veins to come up to - its a downside to the fast for the blood test

29 May 2005

Next Time I Come Out I'm Going To Crack Some Skulls

Today wasn't hot at all - it seems that Friday's mini heatwave which reached 30c in Northampton (god how i longed for the breeze that is always present in Hull from the Humber). Yesterday was very windy but today was fine but not great.

We had a BBQ - first one of the year! YEY! i don't normally life BBQ's either - though the sausages we had were lovely.

Anyway in the late afternoon we decided to burn some of the bushes in the back garden because it was impossible nearly to try and dig them out cos they were that bushy so we got the newspapers and set it alight - it quickly caught fire and i found myself just standing - watching - the fire rage seemingly uncontrolably. The ash floating in the air like snow falling to the ground - and yes you guessed it - my next theme for DA.

Back to Northampton tomorrow

Big Bisexual Brother

Big Brother 6 has started and what turned out to one of the best launch nights EVER - there was a 70s Dancer who milked the crows too much and started to get booed.
A girl from Huddersfield (UP THE NORTHERNERS!) who wore a white PVC nurse's uniform (classy bird) a witch that couldn't see were she was going because she was wearing a black cloak and was carrying a broomstick. And Turkish guy that was wearing a typical Asian wedding outift - FOR GIRLS

They are saying that half of the housemates are either gay or bi - which is a big change for the house - it seems that Big Brother is now relying on the sex coming from the gay community.

26 May 2005

Blue Orchid

Loving the new song from The White Stripes - can't wait for the new album. The new single is BLUE ORCHID - easily one of the best songs from them. If you wanna listen to Jack's words and Meg's efforts on the drums go to my The White Stripes link (Jack And Meg) - and click on videos and Blue Orchid.

I also suggest people check out the video for Hardest Button To Button - i love jacks' trousers in it

I'm also waiting eagerly for a new album from Evanescence - however there's no news at the min.

Pages From My Journal

I've been looking through my journal lately and i have come passed some very amusing things in it - my voice in it is so immature i really do feel that i have grown a lot since i wrote this back in 2001 - well it was 4 years ago.
Anyway he's some things i though were funny

"Easter Sunday, no chocolate eggs for me, no good meal wither. Cheese toasties! Oh the religious implications of that"

"Julie told me today that i've got a job at the end of June. I really don't want to leave now, and i know that it will upset some people, because i was planning on moving away. Oh well, i could always look in Hull for Media jobs, plus i really want to work at Mace"

- HAHA wanting to work at Mace? you don't hear of it do u?!

"Today something awful happened. Mark the day September 11 2001" - Not funny but really sad in a way - thats all i wrote for that day, the next day i wrote a poem that i still haven't titled but you can see that on my DA - click here (link not there yet but will be soon)

And then there was my acceptance speech that i made for any future awards i may receive LOL - do you remember it Holly? It was 7 pages in my journal- it says i timed it and it was 6 minutes - yeah because they are going to let me speak for that long aint they

On 18th May 2003 i call O2 - "little fuck wits"

25th May 2003

"Im really gutted that i fell alseep during the Eurovision Song Contest, and i can't believe that we got nil peur! Ours was SO much better than Austria's! (Turkey won, Belgium 2nd and Russia (Tatu) 3rd. Our placing was the UK is so a blacklash of the iRaqian war - Wogan was right. It's also that fault of Blaire (unreadable) us from Eruope. Also the fact that we haven't joined the Euro but the again our placing last year wasn't bad with it?"

26 May 2003
(occupainned by a picture of Jokers Bar in Menorca with Bianca on it and The John Barnes Karoke board)

"I've decided that Nasty Images should stop. it shouldn't be this had to come up with a good enough storyline, with several sub plots"

30 May 2003

"Everyone has to die. Nothing lasts forever"

8 June 2003

"Being invited to holly's today really made me feel special. Even though Kathrine and Fiona weren't invited and i felt that this was actually one of the best shindigs that we have had they are definetly better when there is only a few of us. I was mentally touched on Friday night after watching the brilliant, the masterpiece that is Donnie Darko. It toched such a nerve with me , and i think unlocked a lot of feelings inside me. Do i relate to Donnie? Should i be worried that i relate to Donnie? I don't know what Holly was saying after it though - that it look like that i didnt like it - i was just breath taken and i was lost for words"

10 June 2003
-* hours and 9 minutes. On Saturday i had this really bad feeling that i should take down all my Buffy pictures/posters. I just can't bring myself to look at them"

OH MY GOD - OLD PICTURES OF THE GANG FROM YEAR 11 - and the person whos changed the most is defintely Holly- Holly you have to see this picture - you are holding The ADventures of Claire in it with Kathrine LOL i might go see if the scanner is free actually

25 May 2005


Tomorrow i shall be going for a diabetes test - i honestly don't know what i want the result to be. I don't want diabetes but if it is positive then at least i will know what has been wrong with me lately

£758m for one year?

What was the point in building the Millenium Dome when it was only planned to be open for a year. i didn't realise that it was only planned that it would remain open for a year - how deeply stupid was this idea? Wasting not only Lottery money (ah but i guess it's better than giving it to the Illegal immigrants) but also the taxpayers money who had to put 30m extra into it to keep it open for the whole year when it ran into finiancial problems early in the year.

This was a big mistake by the Tory party who agreed that it would be built but also Tony Blair is a fool for not scrapping the plans in 1997. We were only blaming you for keeping it.

Anyway this building will be reopening (oh my god the trouble starts again) in 2007 and they are going to rename it THE 02 - wow it'l make us think that it is a whole new building - Millenium what? It's going to a music arena, which i guess is a good way of solving the problems of it just standing there derelict but if this country screws up with it again - i swear i'm going to lose all hope in England.

24 May 2005

Ladies And Gentlemen Dr Teddy Says Goodnight

It's just occured to me that maybe these lives that i write aren't helping me. Teddy and the gang - Adventures of Claire - Nasty Images - maybe they are the things that are hindering me in life.

But one thing i know is it that i know it's going to hard to stop doing them. You can like the life your living you can live the life you like but there are somethings in life that you can't help but love and keep hold of.

Maybe infact these are the only things that are keeping me sane?

The loss of Nasty Images to the deep unknown happened just before all this trouble started. The impossible task of recreating something that is lost seeming impossible but nevertheless neccessary.

I don't know if i could ever recreate those again. The more i think about it, the more that i begin to forget about it. It might have only been 4 years ago but it seems so more than that. Plus there is about 700 pages to them. Maybe it should just be left to the past - to the enjoyment of the memory to the few that saw it. And live on through the music. At least i have that.

The memory will live on, as long as the people remember it.


Go Granny!

Bow Your Head In Shame?

Why is it that i bowed my head on the way to Grendon? To hide the tears? Why does society deem sadness so wrong that you have to hide it?

I dont want you back if you dont want my heart

How can my moods change like this so suddenly? About 2 hours ago i was happy and i was writing away and then at about 7pm i suddenly got this feeling - and it was a bad feeling. Something that i can't express at the minute but it felt like i was slipping away, i had to cawl myself back into reality. How many times do i have to do this?

One Down Four To go

Just got out of my first exam for 2 years. And it was my first ever multiple choice exam - i truely felt American today - multiple choice exams are so lame - you end up thinking no it can't be that because we've had too many C's in a row now. So you end up questioning your own answer and changing it to a wrong answer. Throw out the multiple choice exams i say!

I kept on staring at this person too cos that exam hall was set out really wierd half the room was facing one way then the other half the other way so one half was faving the other half.

i get distracted very easily

23 May 2005

God Why Isn't Life A Musical

Sat in the computer room listening to Sound Of The Underground, imagining my head the whole of Grendon doing a number to it. the girl in the pink top, the three lads in the hoodies and the Chinese guy too.

Does anyone else think of stuff like this? Or is it just me?

Why Do I Suddenly Feel Like This...Again

The winter here’s cold, and bitterIt’s chilled us to the boneWe haven’t seen the sun for weeksTo long too far from homeI feel just like I’m sinkingAnd I claw for solid groundI’m pulled down by the undertowI never thought I could feel so lowOh darkness I feel like letting goIf all of the strength and all of the courageCome and lift me from this placeI know I could love you much better than thisFull of graceFull of graceMy loveSo it’s better this way, I saidHaving seen this place beforeWhere everything we said and didHurts us all the moreIts just that we stayed, too longIn the same old sickly skinI’m pulled down by the undertowI never thought I could feel so lowOh darkness I feel like letting goIf all of the strengthAnd all of the courageCome and lift me from this placeI know I could love you much better than thisFull of graceFull of graceMy love

Look at me, i stuck beneath the screen.

Today when i wandering around a new part of Northampton that i had never been to i suddenly thought, what would i do if i found out if this was just a film. like i was stuck in some screen somewhere having to live this life. That would mean that i didn't actually exist. Then i thought about what kind of film this was - this was defintely one of those foreign films with subtitles - i'm thinking spanish or french.

The first thing that got me thinking was when i was on the escalator and i was listening to one of the songs from Cruel Intentions - i forget which - and i swear i was going slow motion. A slow motion sequence - a must in the movies.

Claire's Adventures Update

I've decided that the theme tune to Claire's Adventures Season One is going to be Look At Me - which was released around the same time as i wrote the first season.

Love machine will now be a future theme song - though i haven't yet decided which season

The World Is Spinning...Spinning Baby Out Of Control

Extinguish The Flame

This morning i finally made it to the end of Season 7 of The X Files. Meaning there is just 42 episodes left for me to watch.

Mulder has just been abducted and Scully has just revealed that she is pregnant. And it was faced with a blackout that didn't say TO BE CONTINUED - oh the suspense that fans back in 2000 would have faced. Is there a Season 8? Well i dunno, but a shiny new boxset begs to differ.

Anyway i'm trying to sort out, once again, trains and shit, because i will be leaving Uni again for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. Right in the middle of my exams. It is Becky's birthday on Saturday so i shall be joining the shenangians and don't know when i shall return - i think it's better that way - that i don't know when i am going to return to Uni.

And tomorrow is my first exam - Business Environment - (starting with the easiest one is really a bad idea). Sitting down in the exam hall is going to be really wierd for me as i haven't done it in 2 years now. My last exam i took would have been the 3 and half hours i did for that sodding English exam that i ended up getting a U for. I couldn't believe it - i might as well done something else for those 3 hours - and i would have gotten the same result. How can examiners justify giving someone a U if they have tried to write something - and may i add i wrote A LOT. I'm sure that what i wrote did not have NO relevance to the text. There's something irregular going on here.

Anyway im off to town to cash a postal order from my dad, buy bread and juice to extingush my current desire for food and water. Cos try as i might i have mastered the turning my blood into wine yet. Fingers crossed soon though.

22 May 2005

Go To Yourself With The Boy In Mind

i had something to say but it doesn't seem important anymore

Claire's Adventures Soundtrack

Tomorrow i shall be making a soundtrack for Claire's Adventures Season One.

So far i have come up with the idea that the theme tune will change ever season

And Season One theme tune will be LOVE MACHINE

For the people who have read Claire's Adventures - have you got any ideas for songs? Give us a couple

21 May 2005


I swear this the last Eurovision post

I've jsut been looking at the CD's on play for the Eurovision because im thinking of buying it for the countries that i liked. And i saw the 2003 CD with the flop Jemini and i totally forgot that taTu represented Russia in 2003.

Okay adios Europe until 2006

Waterloo I Couldn't Escape Unless I Wanted To

Why does this country act like we won the Eurovision With Abba?


Javine Deserved Better Than She Got

We got 26 points. We came 21st out of 24 countris. it was a better performance than what would appear when looking at the lack of points that we got.

The winner with over 200points was Greece - it was a better song than ours but songs like Romania which did better than us and Moldovo which came in the top ten were terrible.

Javine really did deserve better. And once again the country blames politics for the lack of votes. The votes that we got came from Malta, Ireland, Cyprus, Turkey and Moldovo.

At the after show thing on BBC Three there was a guy from some country - i'm not sure which country, but he wrote a banner saying "we are no loosers. and you know "Why" " yes u saw it they spelt loosers wrong. HAHA

Poor Javine. I really like the song - but i like it even more now that it became unliked by the European Public - to all you Europeans out there - we had a good song and we love Eurovision - why the hell didn't you vote for us? We've apologised for Jemini many a time.

Looking at the final table - it is funny to note that the last four countries are: Spain, UK, France and Germany who are the 4 major contributors of the Eurovision.

Looking at where the votes actually went - it does seem that politics still plays a part rather than the actual song though.

So until May 2006 - adios Europe

And the Voting Is Over and Now Is Time for The Interval for when the Votes are being counted

Terry Wogan it has been good - i love your rambling. Especially your hatred of Shriek - one of the presenters who really didn't need a microphone. "HELLO AND WELCOME TO UKRAINE!" oh my god, lower her microphone will you.

They just gave a reprise of all the songs and these are my favourites


Greece are actually the favourites to win it this year.

Let you know a little later who has won and where the UK came. And if i'm that bored i m ay even write down where all the political votes went.

I'm Thinking Of Ending Because Of You

Okay i've now changed my mind. The winners of the Eurovision is going to be Greece - you can just tell when you actually see the performance - you can just imagine it being sung at the end when they are announced as the winners. And as it is Greece i don't mind them actually winning. It's a very good song - and Greece is a fantastic country.

But my toher favourites are:


What I Have To Say Has No Importance

So why do i bother? I might as well end it

We've Gotta Speed It Up, and We've Gotta Slow It Down

If you're planning on having you very own Eurovision Party download you very own score card here and you too can be saying "Hello Kiev, these are the results from the English jury. Douze points go to _______ entry"

ah good times. i think lorraine kelly did the British scores last year. HaHa that was funny. And there is alwasy two realy bad presenters that muck up something and then somthing goes wrong with the live links and they have to ad lib and they noramlly do "Oh i love you co presenter im madly in love with you and i want to take you roughly from behind" Ye dude, like you haven't already during the ad breaks" and its always nice to know that Terry Wogan has a job for life. He starts on saying "get yourself a cup of tea, we're in for a long night" and he'll say like "Oh i think the haircut of the performer is a bit too conservative for the likes of some of these countries" and things like "Keep watching theres a bit of Eastern European leg being flashed soon" and "oh and we've still got 23 countries to go". i love it. I'll be watching hopefully - if the live streaming on the web goes well. Come on Javine!! And if not here come on Albania, Spain or Malta

20 May 2005

Touch My Thigh (Touch My Fire)

It seems that you can't be a proper Brit if you like the Eurovision, but i will be trying to find a way to watch it on Saturday night.

I'm listening to all the countries entries right now.


Click here to watch the video to the UK's entry to this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

This is SO eurovisiony. Why are they always really like it belongs to Eastern Europe. Why don't we learn from our previous winners - our last one that won was of course Katrina and The Waves - Love Shine A Light - and that was pure Brit Pop. So why don't we go back to that? I do feel however that Javine's song - Touch My Fire is one of our best entries since Katrina - though i was a fan of Immani - the year that the Tranny from Israel won it. (why the hell are they in anyway?) Ah will the UK ever live down our Jemini entry where we got nil peur!

Click on the country to see for yourself

UK (touch my fire) - has potential.
Albania - (Neser Shkoj) - very good. think is one of my favs
BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA - (Zovi) - Oh my god really bad one hit wonder girl group - but i respect them for singing in English
Croatia - (Vukovi Umiru Sami) - boring again
Cyprus - (Ela Ela) - always good. has the steel drums as well.
Denmark - (Tænder på Dig) - watchable but wont do much on the night
France - (Chacun pense à soi) - i like songs sung in french - its a beautiful langauge. not sure about the song though
FYR Macedonia - (Ti Si Son) - naked girls dancing around eatern european guy - never a winner amongst the viewing public - don't they learn? hey neither do we, but at least we can't be chucked out, Macedonia can.
Germany - (Run & Hide) - Yes girl, go run and hide, despite been sung in English
Greece - (My Number One) - a good song, capable of winning
Hungary - (Foroogj Világ) - no way.
Israel - (Hasheket Shenish'ar) - always bad even when they won
Latvia - (The War Is Not Over) - get over it
Malta - (Angel) - i predicted that this would be good before i listened to it - this could be a winner
Moldova - (Boonika Bate Toba) -?
Norway - (In My Dreams)
Romania - (Let Me Try)
Russia - (Nobody Hurt No One)
Spain - (Brujeria) - sounds like the Ketchup Song - which i loved.
Sweden - (Las Vegas) may be one of my favourite songs - comes 2nd
Switzerland - (Unnamed) - Love Love Love - 3rd fav
Turkey - (Rim Rimi Ley) - Oh no no no no
Ukraine -(Razom Nas Bahato) - last years winners - shouldnt be able to win it this year - its a big song - its a big controversy over it for some reason - great political instabilty in this contry at the min - surprised they didnt relocate the show

This is how the voting will go

The only big votes that we will get will be from Scandinavia and Spain. Scandinavia will give each other big points. Germnay won't give us any, neither will France. Germany will give Denmark and Austria and they will return the favour. small countires around germnay will give them good points - out of fear. And far eastern countries will give each other the points. it's an extact science

and my projected winner is

or (if this year the politics is left at home)


Andorra - (La Mirada Interior) - has the eastern drums but no winner
Austria - (Y asi) - sounds like a bad car advert. make a cuppa during this song
Belarus - (Love Me Tonight) has a good backbeat but sounds like 80s/90s pop
Belgium - (The Big Night) - the solo guys are always really bad on this show and belgium doesn't dissapoint
Bulgaria - (Lorraine) - boring love song - sends to sleep for 4 mins
Estonia - (Let's Get Loud) -doesn't live up to its title
Finland - (Why) - why indeed . the finns are normally good at this
Iceland - (If I Had Your Love) - okay not great but never r from scandinavia
Ireland - (Love) - shockingly bad for the country that has won it the most times
Lithuania - (Little By Little) - good and colourful in my top five
SERBIA & MONTENEGRO - (Zauvijek Moja) - can;t remember this one
Poland - (Czarna Dziewczyna)
Netherlands - (My Impossible Dream) -
Monaco - (Tout De Moi) - better than the french entry

Is it even worth it?

A writer who's work and random talking goes unnoticed, unread and without comments, is that a redundant writer? A writer without a job? Without a purpose?

19 May 2005

"I made a new friend." "Real or imaginery?" "Imaginary"

I met a new friend on Wednesday before i realised what state my wrist was in.

His name was Nathan and he gave me a lift home from Legends. I met him in the middle of the road down Gold Street.

I was cautious though (yes i heard you screaming at me - but i can look after myself). I was about to cross the road to get into a taxi when he stopped and smiled, so being friendly i smiled.

By the way i swear this isn't going to get into gay porn terriotory (cant spell that word).

He said "are you going to Park campus?" i said yes. "he said ill give u a lift if you want" so i thought hey, why not. He looked younger than me so it wasn't as if it was some dirty old guy that was going to ass rape me.

so i got in and he told me how he had been giving people lifts all night - but it was just his friends that he was doing it for - but he had noticed me on campus before and thought he'd be nice.

We chatted about random stuff - i was trying to figure out where he came from and it turns out that he was from Cornwall and ended up going to Northampton because his girlfriend (ah i felt at ease then) had come here before moving to London. Once again i found someone that didn't know where Hull was, so i just said Yorkshire. We got to the campus and he dropped me off outside SimonSenlis and he said "Hey have my number in case you need a ride sometime" so we exchanged numbers and off i went.

So alas the night wasn't that bad after all - i met a new friend who gave me a lift for free and offered future rides.

I saw him again last night and we talked somemore.

Ah alas, just when i thought i had begun to lose the friends that i had worked so hard to meet and keep. I wish i hadn't seen them that night though because i was drunk and i didn't understand half the stuff they were saying.

But it seemed that going to Legends with Claire was the better deal because as soon as i got on the dancefloor a random girl came and danced with me - so that's good. And then when we were downstairs a girl poured a drink over Claire so Claire left to dry up and the girl danced with me. Hey Hey - that's how girls do it hey?

18 May 2005

Is this payback?

Is this payback for not being around much this term? I'm sorry that my state of mind and lack of money is an inconveinance to your perfect existense.

My Shit is Bananas B.A.N.A.N.A.S let me here you say B.A.N.A.N.A.S

Today i became one again, a statistic of McDonalds. When i left the bank to report my card stolen, i thought to myself MMMM McDonalds. The thing was there was a big poster of the Curry Chicken Sandwich right outside of the bank, so i went out of my way to go to McDonalds. And this time the sandwich was rather nice, and i sat there eating it watching the world go by and there was this kid (around 18) that was applying for McDonalds, all he did was filled in the application form and they said Thanks can you start work on Thursday? I was like WHAT?!?! how can someone get a job THAT easily. They didn't even read the application form. What has the world come to when someone random off the street can be offered a job without the mangement looing at the application form when i have been looking for a job for the past 7 months now and i have found no luck. Maybe i should succumb to the power of McDonalds and become a crew member.

I would get staff discount. Oh a whole 10p off a curry chicken sandwich.

This shit really is bananas

Donde esta el un encanta

Thanks to Louise for helping me with my Spanish - for my seminar file for Creative Writing.

So far i have

Donde esta el un encanta

The End Of An Era

In about 21 hours i shall hopefully enjoying the drink and the music and the dance at Northampton's very own SO CRAP ITS BRILLIANT nightclub - Legends.

This will be my last visit to this nightclub for this school year.

I'm planning on getting smashed and in lots of pictures, and have a grand old time LOL

17 May 2005

I'm British

Jolly good, wot! Anyone for tennis? That'll be ten ponies, guv. You're the epitome of everything that is english. Yey :) Hoist that St George's Flag!

How British are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

16 May 2005

What______ best suits you

Today's quizzes came from here

Your Results:
You are Godless! You could care less about religion. As far as you're concerned, if you can't see, touch and kick something, it's not real to you. You're day-to-day activities consist of eating, working, sleeping and the occasional Internet or coffee shop debate. Lastly, if anyone chooses to preach at you otherwise, you will either leave or debate them until they finally shut up.

Your Results:Good Smiley!!You're a good smiley and a total angel. We all love you because you have a kind heart and you're our support!

Your Results:Small WorldYou got SMALL WORLD! You are a genuine, loving person. You are reliable and sweet to eveyone. Everyone loves you and your modest self. You are a dreamer and love making people happy. You pick mind mind over matter.

Your Results:CuriousWhat can I say? You're still trying to find yourself but remember just because you had it once doesn't mean it's who you are.


Is your family messed up?
Your Results:HELL YEAthey almost as fucked up as you for spending your time takeing this test, if you cant tell that they are fucked up, seek help your following the family tradition.

Test your french!
Your Results:A
God you really know your french! email me at karmagurl1015at yahoo.com and we'll talk!

What Video Game Character are You.
Your Results:Solid Snake (Metal Gear)You are tuff. You are a hard smoker and drinker. You kick ass. however you are not a gung-ho hero. You try to avoid contact with the enemy. You fight amazing villans. You are cool. You also like Jack Danial which is the best wiskey.

what city should you live in?
Your Results:New York CityYour stylish, know all the top designers

How italian are you?
Your Results:yeahh ur italian allright

Which late 20th Century decade are you?
Your Results:You are the 1960s. Far out, man.

What does your birth month reveal about you?
Your Results:JanuaryStubborn and hard-hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking andproductive.
Smart, neat and organized (SO NOT TRUE). Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Rather reserved. Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds (SO TRUE). Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. Loves children. Loyal. Has great social abilities yet easily jealous. Very Stubborn and money cautious(DO YOU KNOW ME AT ALL?).

Which famous dictator are you?

Your Results:Joseph StalinYou're Joseph Stalin! You're the communist leader of the Soviet Union. You got into power by lying, manipulating and murdering... Oh well, power is power. You're probably one of the most paranoid people ever to walk the earth... Yes, they ARE out to get you! You're really ugly but you don't allow the public to see that... Image is everything and what they don't know can't hurt them, right? You can't stand those who question you... You tend to make them disappear very quickly. You need some serious counseling.

What is your political orientation?

Your Results:WUNistYou're a WUNist! (World United Nationalist.) You hold beliefs that fall in the range between the views of the democrats and republicans. You're probably in support of globalization. You like to compromise and you're a level-headed person that considers what's best for everyone. You enjoy when conflicts are solved and you're usually the person best qualified to solve them.

Do you support Bush?
Your Results:You Are An Idiot And Hate BushYou are retarded and probably worship the Demoratic idiot John Kerry and would rather go to Canada like a little bitch than stand up and defend your country

The Ultimate American Test
Your Results:George BushCongratulations you are the devil himself.

What kind of US citizen are you
Your Results:Middle classBlah Blah Blah You educated profecionals work so hard getting to where you are now. Sure you might think your so holyer than thou but think of all the wage slaves out there. Your Probably voting Kerry but I urge you to vote Nader

Are You Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie?
Your Results:Nicole RichieYou were a huge party girl and you still are but now you are turning your life around so its better.. You know you are hott and you can get any guy you want..


For all you Star Wars fans out there and i'm thinking that there is a couple of you i found this today. Click here

15 May 2005

One Word

I really like Kelly Osbourne's new song - i don't know what it is about it but it's just so....i dunno. If you wanna look at it click here she's number 9 i think.

Spill the milk and i will love you forever

Okay, so Geri's new song "Desire" is actually growing on me and the fact that Geri spills milk on her face in the video is part of the reason i'm thinking.

You see i have this thing about milk (come from many Food lessons with Holly - remember the van holly?) i just find it hilarious when people spill milk on their face. It all stemmed from seeing Buffy spilling it when she was drinking Kathy's milk in Buffy. And then Joey tried to drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds in Friends. And now Geri - though in Geri's it's drity because she climbs on the table the guy that's sitting in the chair leans back and Geri puts her head (somewhere) but then we see her licking milk out of a saucer. Dirty much?

The End Of The World Was Yesterday And I've Faced The Final Curtain

Yesterday i had my hair cut for the first time in 8 months. The long indie locks are now in some bin somewhere and i can no longer see my hair without using a mirror.

This will be the first time ANYONE has seen me with hair like this for EVER - or at least at Uni - i've actually had shorter hair than i have now - but that was when i was 16 - if you wanna know how i looked back then - ask me to see a picture of me - its the one that's on my passport - the Terrorist picture.

So will this change make me feel better? It'll certainly make me get more sun rays through to me - and will it inproved my chances of getting a job? IS there any point in getting a job now when i only have 4 weeks until i can leave FOREVER (until October). One things for sure is that i'm going to have to borrow money for Green Day from my Dad hopefully, because i'm totally out of money. But i shall be definetely getting the train from Northampton because it's like 15 minutes on the train from me.

So anyway i'm going to get some sun now because it's all sunny today again - Maximum estimated temp is 18c.

By the way for the Americans amongst the world - yesterday in Hull it was 13c - do u think that is cold? Well people had their tops off (men of course) walking around town. HaHa - no it indeed isn't weather for wooly jumpers anymore.

13 May 2005

Don't You Dare Phunk With My Heart

I'm loving this song at the minute - Don't Phunk With My Heart by The Black Eyes Peas - i'm turning into a big fans of theirs actually - i like all the songs they have released so far. If you wanna listen or watch the video click here

The Adventures Of Claire

Season One has started over the page click here to begin the journey


A quick note to say how sad i am.

When i got in last night i pressed play on my CRAPPY cd player (i so want my HIFI here) and the best ever DuranDuran song played.

And all of a sudden i got the urge to do the sparkle motion dance - the bit where they punch the air to the side - do you know the bit?

Anyway i was like NO! what am i doing? I love drew and she hates everything that Sparkle Motion stands for but i just can't help myself like Drew can't at the talent show.

(by the way i can't remember what Drew's character is called in Donnie Darko - or should i just call her the shoulder pad grape eating random screaming queen)

I'm Leaving Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again

This weekend i am going to visiting Hull on Saturday, however only for the day, as it is little Saffi's 5th birthday (people who know me will know who Saffi is). I'll be also there to drop off a birthday card for my brother who is 25 on Wednesday. SO tomorrow i shall be boarding a train to Milton Keynes (oh my first visit to this station) and then to Nuneaton. I hope at least one of them will be a Virgin train - i love those trains - they are so nice and comfy and they have their own radio station that Keeper informed me about - i didn't know so last time i was on one i listened to Dick and Dom's Kid Radio show (lol it was funny). But i have an hour wait in Milton Keynes - what shall i do - shall i go for a walk for 45 minutes or stay put - i have The Alchemist to keep me company which i started reading on Wednesday when i was doing washing. The reason i'm reading it - The Book Group that i've been watching on DVD. I love that show so much. And i totally forgot Rab started shagging Jackie (the Scottish footballer) in the first series - i though it was in the Second Season. But alas no. Anyway, until i come back - adios.

Just found out that it will be a Virgin train between Milton Keynes and Nuneaton but not Northampton to Milton Keynes


Okay so i haven't actually heard this song yet - but i started to watch the video and i saw that Geri was drinking Milk and it was spilling all over her face - ala Buffy in Season 4 - Living Conditions - and like Joey in Series 10 (forget the title) for some reason i find it funny when people spill milk down them - is it just me? C'mon Holly we had many a lesson laughing at wanting to recreate THAT buffy scene.

Click here and go to Geri - Desire to watch the video - watch carefully for the milk - its only on a spilt second - i apologise if the song is crap -ill listen tomorrow when i'm at Dad's and i can actually listen to the song, the TOTP website did say "Nnngh! So many words! So little space! Stupid vid! Geri daydreaming! Office flirting! Should be out shopping somewhere! What's with the milk? Just snog him! Argh! Cat-based dance routine! Rubbish! Please make it stop! Help! ". I do wish it will be better than that "Ride It" crap. I must admit i am intrigued when it comes to The Spice Girls - one of my guilty pleasure shall we say. And people dont forget to watch There's Something About Geri on Channel 5 at 9pm on Sunday 15th May for her second documentary - i did actually like the first one. And i muchly enjoyed reading her two autobiography - the second one of which was very emotional. They are If Only (click here) and Just For The Record (click here). I recommend both books even if you're not a fan. Compelling reading.

Just for you Holly - here's a link to KT Tunstall video click here

So This Week...

So this week i found out that the shop i've worked in since July 2002 to going to close after only been open about just over 3 years. It has been the best place i have ever worked - with the only other places i've worked in my life are at BHS, South Hunsley School and Subway. Although working at South Hunsley School comes a close 2nd. This is the place that i met Pete, Steve, Jon and Stu and we all became friends going to the pub after work nearly everyday whilst i was on my gap year, with Stu driving us to the takeaway in Hessle usually (Bella Pizza). Many a night i have spent working in there with even the odd shoplifters to deal with - well watch then phone the police - but the amount of times i wanted to throw the baskets at them. I will truly miss working in this shop, and it is a sad day to say that i will NEVER work in this shop again.

Swanland Conveinance Store

12 May 2005

I Wanna Know If Your Busy I Wanna Know If You're Doing Anything Tonight

Today my list of famous people i have spoken to has risen to 4! and the top of the list is no longer Marc Pickering! It is now.....(drum roll)


He answered my question online (so i guess we CONVERSED - words were exchanged - just not orally)

I asked him

"If you were on Celeb Big Brother how long do you think you would last and what would you do to make people remember you in the house "

and he replied

"Five seconds, I'd bve the quickest person in history to leave because I hate it! That's what people would remember about me! "

HaHa i was so pleased to get my question answered

Then i got told off my the website moderators for asking too many questions. BAH HUMBUG

But THEN... Daniel wrote a goodbye message on the board saying:

Hi there Thanks for coming to my forum party. This has been great fun and I'm really sorry that I didn't get the chance to answer as many questions as I would have liked. There were loads of really good ones - you really had me thinking hard! Now for the winners! First prize goes to -peach- for her question about ihaving my own political party. The three runners-up are Pamela for the question about Quentin Tarantino films, girlofgod for her question on Christian music and simonsenlis for his Celeb Big Brother question.

Read the last bit again

and simonsenlis for his Celeb Big Brother question.


So i win a frame signed photo of him. Hmm where to dispaly this oh so proud achievement?

I shal be happy for at least a day now.

11 May 2005


Today's song comes from Geri Halliwell taken from the album - Schizophonic. Also featured on the Nasty Images soundtrack

There's a river of tears I need to cry
Been holding back for years
There's a mountain so high i need to climb
To wipe away the fears
Solitude and loneliness
Have been a friend of mine
As I'm turning my back on emptiness
I leave them all behind

Who knows
Just where I'm going
Does tomorrow belong to me

Walk away this time with my head up high
Walk away just me and myself
Walk away with pride nothing left to hide
But it just feels right to be one
And just walkaway

I could never forget how hard I tried
When we were oh so young
Just one tender moment I cannot find
Well maybe I had none
Strength will be by my side
Although I feel afraid
But I know it's too late for this goodbye
There's nothing left to say

Who knows
Just where I'm going
Does tomorrow belong to me
Walk away this time with my head held high
Walk away just me and myself
Walk away with pride nothing left to hide
But it just feels right to be one

And just walkaway this time
One day you'll realise
That the tears you saw in my eyes
Will be there forever

Walk away this time with my head up high
Walk away just me and myself
Walk away with pride nothing left to hide
But it just feels right to be one
And just walkaway
Just walkaway
And just walkaway

I'm so Late with the coundown - not that i care

25 reasons why Stars Wars is Great

click here

25 reasons why Stars Wars is rubbish

click here

Britain By Numbers

Whilst i came was reading what seems to be my new favourite newspaper since my switch to Conservatives, i came across an article showing Britain in forms of numerical statistics. I was sat in McDonalds eating a very disgusting Curry Chicken Sandwich (99p) and a McFluffy (New Orange Rolo flavour - very nice) i thought the stats were very interesting so i though i'd share.

39 is the age when the average Englishman is halfway through his life. For women it's 41

If you make it to 80, you will on average make it to 87

Interstingly life expectancy actually stops plummeting so fast once you are in yoru 90s. A 100 year old is just as likelyto make 102 as a 96 year old is to make 98

The average British man drinks 17 units of alcohol a week - woman drink 7.5. We drink more per capita than the Aussies, Finns and Yankees. However less than the French and Germans.

People are more likely to binge drink in the North East of England and people are more sober in East Anglia (THAT SOUNDS A BIT RIDUCLOUS)

Brits drank more in the Victorian times than we do today.

There are three abortions in the UK to every ten births - a total of 190,000 abortions a year (only inclduing england and wales).

The NHS is the world's third largest employer (1,000,000 employees) - behind Chinese Army, and Indians railways.

We spend £80,000,000,000 (billions right?) on the NHS - equating to £1,400 each a year. So so far i've used none of that for 20 years of life - please sir can i have £28,000 in my pocket instead please?

More people in Bostwana, Peru and Albania hae the MMR jab than in the UK now that research has suggested that it has links to autism.

31,000,000 people are married in UK. There were more marriages in 2003 than in 2002. There was more divorces in 1993 than in 2004. 70% of divorces are now instigates by women.

Teenage pregnancy in the UK is twice as high as in Germant and five times as high in Holland, depsite fwere than third of British girls being sexually active by the age of 16. One in eight conceptions in England and Wales is by a teenager.

There has been more than 100 tax rises since 1997 (Labour got into power)., £190,000,000,000 is collected in income tax and national insurance a year.

The ethnic 'minorities' are becoming majorities in some areas of the UK like Brent and Newham. However 99.6% of people who live in Cornwall are white. However as a whole 91% of the population is white british. Asians - 2.25 million and Carribean and African - 1 million.

Pupils in state schools miss on average one in 12 school days due to truancy.. On average we miss 10 ten days per year due to authorised absecnse

There are 90 Universities in UK

In 1995, one in 20 Britons went to university. In 2002 it rose to 35%

One in five chiudren aged 15-16 skip breakfast

(MY FAVOURITE) Britons fav vegatable is the baked bean. we consume more baked beans than anyone else on Earth - except for the Irish.

For every mile traveled, death is 140 times more likely in a car than a plance However because of the number of journey made, cars are actually safer than planes per journey.

In 2002, men committed 97% of all dangerous driving offences in UK.

There are OFFICIALLY 500 'rough sleepers' on the streets of Britain. Compared to 1,850 in 1998. Half of these are in London.

and finally

858 murders were commited in Briain in 2003 - 2004. belfast has the highest murder rate in the UK and London's reate is below that ofStockhol, Amsterdam and Vienna.

10 May 2005

I'm going to walk through the fire, see where it gets me

I touch the fire, and it freezes me I look into it, and it's black Why can't I feel?My skin should crack and peel I want the fire back Now, through the smoke, she calls to me To make my way across the flameTo save the dayOr maybe melt away I guess it's all the same So I will Walk through the fire 'Cause where else can I turn? I will Walk through the fire And let it... The torch I bear is scorching me she’s laughing, I've no doubt I hope she fries,I'm free if that bitch dies I better help her out 'Cause she is Drawn to the fire Some people... She will never learn Both: And she willWalk through the fire and let it...Will this do a thing to change her? Am I leaving dawn in danger? Is my friend too far gone to care? What if he can't defeat it? Beady eyes is right, we're needed Or we could just sit around and glare All: We'llSee it through It's what we'reAlways here to do so we will Walk through the fire So one by one, they turn from me I guess my friends can't face the cold What can't we face? But why I froze,Not one among them knows And never can be toldShe came from the grave much graverOne by one, they come to me First, he’ll kill her, then I’ll save her Everything is turning out so darkGoing through the motions No, I’ll save her, then I’ll kill her I think this line is mostly fillerWhat's it going to take to strike a spark?It's what they have inside She will come These endless daysAre finally ending in a blaze All: And we areCaught in the fire The point of no return So we will Walk through the fire And let it burn Let it burn Let it burn And let it burn!

I'm leaving

It wasn't until last night that it came aparrent. How stupid had i been to not realise this all along. The one thing that had been making me miserable. Escapism? Something i need a lot it seems. And this weekend and for the future i am going to satisfy this need. I'm leaving. And i don't know when i will return. Fuck the present. Look toward the future.

09 May 2005

For The Americans

Have Americans seen Mary Poppins - the question came into my head when i was singing TUPENCE A BAG - wheni was saying what i wanted to do in London - obviously feed the birds/dirty vermin rats with wins pigeons.

Also what are the main differences between the American and Canadian accents - i'm sure there's some differences however there's a Canadian girl that's here this term and i can't tell the difference between the southern American accents.

The End Is Nigh

Finally i have finished all my assignments for Year One. All i have now is 10 hours worth of exams and i'm totally finished - and come June 6th - i'm free to leave Uni until October. Though i won't be leaving until like the end of June, because i have Green Day to go to - if i'm still alive that is. Oh and by the way Holly - we may not be able to stay in my room because i might be moving out right after my exams - but i'm sure my Dad wouldn't mind us all sleeping at his house - because that where i might be staying for the whole summer - depending on what jobs i can find. Nuneaton is looking the best for jobs at the minute, and that is because a) i have links in Nuneaton and b) Swanland is a little out of the way to get a job - cos i'd haveto get the bus everyday and if i worked late nights i would have to get taxis and shit. But hey i will still be hopefully visiting Hull during my Summer vacation. And don't forget - you're coming down for freshers week right? Where you be able to taste the freshers life - the freshers life you would have had if you had decided to go to Uni. Which i'm still not sure what your reasons are? Does anyone really know why they are at Uni? I certainly don't, all i know is that it is something i wanted to try and i may not know what i want to do after Uni, but i know that my plans are not to move back to Hull on a permanent basis. I think Hull is so cut off from society - it's in the middle of nowhere - to get in the field i want to get into i am going to have to live in London or America. Somewhere like that - i may try London first - but before all that i have to visit London first - hopefully during my Summer Holiday - which Holly you're coming with me right - again we can stop over at my Dad's i'm sure. Which means that we can spend longer in London without having to stay in shabby hotels and shit - too expensive in my eye when i've got a house about 100 miles away (oops that does sound a lot really doesn't it? Ah but still it has free food and free hospitality and good clubs! - the side of good comes on the fact that they are cheaper than anything that you would find in London)

Anything more for me to say before i go to Sainsbury's to buy Ice Cream?


It may have taken me abot 15 minutes but the guy that looked at me when i walked into the computer room and i've been trying to figure out who he is, whilst i saw him looking at porn on hotmail. He is Robin or Batman and Robin fame - AKA Flange's friend. I remember talking to him in Legends when he was dressed up as Robin for some odd and random reason. Because i remember asking Twitch if he liked his shorts. HaHa that was a funny site - as i am sure that you can guess.

Anything more before i go for Ice Cream and go to bed?

I'm going to go to sleep early tonight - around 11pm i hope because for the past 7 days! (AHHHH) i have seen the sun rise at 5am.

Hey i don't think there's need for ice cream at the minute - i just need sleep so i'll go for it tomorrow - which i have been saying since Saturday when i needed a Coke Fix and instead i got the fix from KiaOra. On tonight watching list - if i'm still awake is:

Ocean's Eleven - finally i get to see this film as Dan's copy has been sitting on my shelf since the beginning of last term. And maybe I heart huckerbees commentary. Maybe.


08 May 2005

The Rumour Mill

Well i hope that the following rumours are false -

Alan Smith leaving Man U At the end of the season to join Aston Villa
Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Man U at the end of the season to join Chelsea

the second one is the worst thing that Alex Ferguson could ever do. Cristiano is one of the best players on the squad, slowly filling the gap that David Beckham's depature left. It may have taken Cristiano two seasons to be fully appriectated in the squad but as the departure of Beckham did leave a big gap within the squad (and i feel cost us two Premiership Titles) he is only just proven that he has the same skill capability as Beckham.

However the good rumour that i have heard is that Man U will be soon solving their goalkeeper problems by snatching up Chelsea's second goaly - Cudicini. It will definetly solve our problems that we have had due to both Howard and Carroll. But which one would we get rid of? They are both as bad as each other. Personally i feel that we should get rid of Carroll, the incident that happened earlier in the season against Tottenham put our team down really bad, and how he could actually get away with it is beyond me.

07 May 2005

Questioning Reality? How about questioning reality in your dreams?

Holly and i walked down the sidewalk of New York/Washington when we noticed a dor was open and people were being led through the door by a guy with long hair and a woman who's features i could not remember.

I looked at the doorway and i turned to Holly. Holly said to me

"Wanna go in and see what that cult is doing?"

"We shouldn't i can see what's going to happen"

"What's going to happen?" asked Holly.


Next thing i knew we were walking through the door and we walked past the guy with the long hair who had a shot gun in his hands, and the woman who still didn't have any features that i could recollect. We took our seats at the end of what looked like a bar. Shit why was we in here?

"Holly, why are we in here? i told you we shouldn't come in. We should leave"

"Ah let's see what they want first, then we can choose whether to leave or not"

yeah like that would be able to happen.

The man with the long hair stood adjacent to me and the woman stood over Holly demanding that we pay them 60 dollars each. what was wierd was that she was asking for Canadian dollars. Knowing that i didn't have any canadian dollars on me, i said i didn't have any, but i would be happy to go to the ATM to draw the money out for them. This was my escape plan however it all came crashing down when Holly gave the woman 120 Canadian dollars for the both of us. They woman and the man went back over to the other side of the room. I turned to Holly

"Why did u pay them?"

"BEcuase they asked for it, i though i'd pay for u so that you wouldn't have to keep them waiting"

"That was my esacpe plan and if you would have followed me we'd both have been free"

i looked over to the door way, and i saw that the door was still open

"Holly, the door is still open"

"Wait a minute i think he wants to say something"

"Fuck this"

i stood up and i bumped into the man who had two shotguns in his hand.

"Now then people we are going to play a little Russian Roulette, those of you who survive can go, those of you who die, your bodies will belong to me"

Russian Roulette? Like Derren Brown? Okay i've got 5 in 6 chances in survivng, they are good odds.

For somereason i thought that there was 6 bullets that went into a shotgun.

"So everyone has there shotguns, and here are your two"

He gave me a shotgun and hOlly one too,but proceeded to place six bullets into ours.

"Hey why do i get six bullets?"


he walked away as i stared at the shotgun, and began to cry. Then it hit me, if i shot the guy and holly shot the woman we';d be all free. So i whispered to holly the plan. And as soon the man walked back towards i shot him right through the head and he fell to the floor. Wow. the power behind this gun was huge. It was then i reaslised that Holly hadn't shot the woman and instead had already shot herself.

I turned to see the woman,. and now i could see who she was. It was Claire Thompson. The thorn is our feet, the virus on our hard drive. The most hated womand that ever we did love. Claire pointed the gun to me and pressedhe trigger......

05 May 2005

Went A Kitchen Potty

Today i nearly burnt the whole of the flat down. I tell thee, no one should ever let me use the cooker when i'm sleepy. I put the chips into the oven at around 5pm and went back to my room to watch RINGS - the mini movie on the Not so Special Edition of The Ring - and after that was finished i watched the DONT WATCH THIS part. And i fell asleep half way through it. Waking up 2 hours later to a foul smell in my room thinking, "What the fuck is someone burning". Two minutes later i thought to myself

"Wait, i have some chips in the oven.....and there's a smell of burning....SHIT!"

i'm so slow when ive jsut woken running to the kitchen through the thick smoke in the hallway, and finding that the cooker was giving off this really BLACK smoke that i was already beginning to choke. I opened the oven door and i was thrown back by the big cloud of black smoke that bellowed out of the oven, looking at the chips that were now like sticks of carcoal. I'm sure you could do do a drawing with it. So i chucked the chips out of the window (whereas would i put them?) and turned the oven off and put the extractor fan and left the kitchen.

Votes are in and being counted but alas we still have corruption...hmm another Florida?

the votes are now and the first results are due in at half ten with most of the votes to be declared in the early hours of the monring. The exit polls suggest another Labour win, however with a smaller majority, reduced by over half. Damn Labour!! i so hope that another upset is seen this week - the first being Liverpool getting through to the Champions League Final.

Tonight Matthew, the prime minister will be....

Today is the day of the general election. When i can find the mobile i have to vote in i will be voting. It's my first time that i am able to vote in the general election, since the last time i was only 16.
Finally i have a say in the democracy that is apparently our country. The world. So who will be kissing Bush's arse next week?


SUBWAY® Restaurants does not endorse the diet Jared created

err if they don't endorse it why do they use it frequently in adverts. They had it up everywhere that this guy had lost like half of his bodyweight by eating two submarine Subway sandwiches a day. If that's not endorsement i don't know what is.

another case of Subway gets it SOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong

Coming soon to a chicago near you

this link reminded me of Lego that i used to build when i was younger. Click here


I have been a member of devaintART now for over a month, and i am really getting into the whole spreading the work, rather than bottling it up somhwere, where it is unreadable, and will be forever lost. This is my summary on the site. if you wanna check me out go to here

simonsenlis has 71 pageviews total and his 24 deviations were viewed 182 times. He watches 3 people, while 3 people watch him.
Overall, his deviations received 27 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 3 times, while he commented 21 times, making about 0.42 comments per day since he joined DA. This means that he received 13 comments for every 10 that he gave.
His deviation with the most comments is "I Dream Of You" with 7 comments, receiving an average of 0.5 per day in the first 2 weeks, while his most favourited one is "Everything Falls Into Place" with 1 favourites, averaging 0 per day in the first 2 weeks. His most viewed deviation is Like A Phoenix From The Flames with 18 views.
1 favourite was given for every 10 comments.
Every 2 days he uploads a new deviation, and it's usually on a Friday, with 13 (54%) of his deviations.
His busiest month was April 2005 with 23 (96%) of his deviations.
The majority of his deviations are uploaded to the Poetry gallery (13), while his favourite category was Horror & Macabre > Open with 4 deviations

04 May 2005

BIOGENESIS – The Sixth Extinction

From space it seems an abstraction. A magician’s trick on a darkened stage. And from this distance on might never imagine that it is alive.

It appeared in the sea almost four billion years ago in the form of single celled life. In an expansion of life spanning millions of years, nature’s first multi-cellular organism began to multiply.

And then it stopped.

440 million years ago a great mass extinction would kill of nearly every species on the planet, leaving the vast oceans decimated and empty.

Slowly plants began to evolve. Then insects. Only to be wiped out in the second great mass extinction upon the Earth.

The cycle repeated again and again.

Reptiles emerging independent of the sea, only to be killed off.

Then dinosaurs struggling to life, along with the first birds, fish and flowering plants. Their decimations: Earth’s fourth and fifth great extinctions.

Only 100,00 years go Homo sapiens appear. Man. From cave paintings to the Bible, to Columbus and Apollo 11, we have been a tireless force upon the Earth and off, cataloguing the world as it unfolds to us. Rising to a world population of over five billion people, all descended from that original single cell. That first spark of life. But, for all our knowledge, what no one can say for certain is what or who ignited that original spark. Is there a plan, a purpose, or a reason to out existence? Will we pass, as those before us, into oblivion? Into the sixth extinction that scientists warn is already in progress? Or will the mystery be revealed through a sign? A symbol? A revelation?

It began with an act of supreme violence. A big bang expanding ever outward. A cosmos born of matter and gas. Matter and gas. Ten billion year ago. Whose idea was this? Who had the audacity for such invention? And the reason? Were we part of the plan ten billion years ago? Are we born only to die? To be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth before giving way to our generations? If there is a beginning, must there be an end? We burn like fires in our time, only to be extinguished. To surrender to the elements’ eternal reclaim. Matter and gas. Will this all end one day? Life no longer passing to life? The Earth left barren like the stars above? Like the cosmos? Will the hand that lit the flame let it burn down? Let it burn out? Could we, too, become extinct? Or if this fire of life, living inside us is meant to go on, who decides? Who tend to the flames? Can they reignite the spark even as it grows cold and weak?

Transcribed from The X Files Season 6 Episode 22

They will not take our freedom

It seems that UCN is getting ready for war. On my daily walk to the computer lab, since the death of Tosh (my laptop), i saw the work men digging trenches. But who are they going to war with? I'm thinking that they are supporting me in my boycott of Vue cinemas, and we are ready and willing to take them to the death.
I thought it was a really wierd picture - them digging the trenches. It was like a whole system of them throughout one part of the uni- soon to be the whole of northampton surrounding the sol central (home of Vue).

And That's What Takes Me High

So my last two interviews, have ended the same way as they always do. One without a call, and one with a call saying we went with people that had experience. Err? i have 4/5 years tilling and customer services experience. Sorry i don't have any experience in tearing up tickets and filling up buckets of popcorn, i hear that's really hard to do.
So yes you can tell i'm bitter about Vue, rejecting me for the second time. So i shall be taking my business elsewhere, even though UGC cinema is about 4 miles further out from town. I won't be going back to Vue until i have a job there. So Vue Northampton - Hear My Cry

01 May 2005

why oh why

Having purchased the final three seasons of the x files earlier in the month, it suddenly came to me that i they changed the title sequence in Season 9. So i put in the disc, and sat there watching the new title seqence. Why oh why, would they do this? The title sequence in this season is terrible. I sat there in disbelief over the fact that they infact changed it. Totally changed it, no longer was there the guy that face stretches across the screen that always scared me back in 1993.
Why did this show changed the title sequence? It is something that is often seen in TV shows, like Buffy who changes it every season - however kept the same music, just re-recorded the song so it sounded better. Friends, changed the title sequence twice a season. But with a show like the x files that we have become used to the fact that the same title sequence was seen throughout eight whole years of the show, to suddenly see it change in the 9th year, is just something that is totally wrong.

Don't get me wrong, i don't discourage change, but i don't like change after 8 whole addicted years to the show.