28 December 2005

Something I've Been Discussing And Thinking About

I've never been sure that my dreams are what i want to follow.

Whether or not they will be the right thing to do or not is another matter - a matter which i don;t think about at this minute.
The thing that i think about is the fact that i want to follow my dreams to see where they lead me...

this whole post will make sense more tomorrow when i've fully sorted out what i wanted to say...
let me muse

17 December 2005

All Alone I Fall To Pieces

The time has come and i knew it was on it's way.

Between 17th and the 23rd December i shall be my own company, all my flatmates have abandoned me to go back home, and i'm stuck here on my own because i have to work.

Speaking of - i was just a Christmas temp there but i am now going to be a permanent part timer - although i think that it's just doing Sat and SUn - whereas i really wanted to do Thursdays still because that was my favourite day to work - its not that Thursday was easy i just enjoyed a lot mroe because i get on with the people better on the weekdays rather than the weekends, plus it's not helping the fact that they keep not putting me on the tills on a Sat and Sun and so i'm stuck doing the shitty jobs.

A part of this time that i am also not looking forward to is next week working because i am workingfrom 7.30am -3.30pm. Okay so it's not long hours really considering i was doing 6.30 - 2.30 during the sumer but it's just the fact that i am once again going to have to get up at about 6 to get ready to walk to work (cos i can't afford the bus until i get paid which isn't until the new year).

Err anything else to say? Oh, why the hell does it take so long for the bank to send me a new chequebook - it's been over a week so far - get a move on - i'm starving here and i need some food!!!

Guess thatis it - other than say

People - watch X Factor tonight - JOURNEY SOUTH to win!! let's broke from the mould and not let Shayne win!

12 December 2005


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well Chronciles Of Narnia was fantastic - everything i hoped it would be.Even though i haven't seen Harry Potter - i've heard from people who have seen it that it is 100% better than HP.

In other news.

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The new Girls Aloud album which they hoped would reach number one this weekend, only managed number 11. Although sales records say that it sold 80,000 in its first weeks. On a normal week 40,000 is only needed to reach number one, but with the Xmas sales - it was always going to be hard. Still not better than the 2nd album - from what i've heard.

10 December 2005

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

This has been a prominent feature in my childhood since i first saw the TV show on the BBC.

And i'm going to see the film tonight - i really can't wait.

I still haven't finished the book though - having only bought it on Wednesday - i should i read it by now seeing how short the book is but i've had little time for it so i'm only half way through.