06 March 2006

I'm Boycotting OSCAR!

Not only did the academy fail to recognise Seann William Scott performance in Dukes Of Hazzard as BRILLIANT but they also built up mine and the rest of the world's hope, including himself, by nominating Heath Ledger for Best Actor for Brokeback Mountain.

Now I am a bigBIG fan of Brokeback Mountain - infact it's my favourite film to date, and i stand by it proudly. But how has the academy failed to acknoweldge its superiroty over such a medicore film like CRASH.
Heath also lost out to Phillip Seymour Hoffman - which was always the favourite, but also the film was snubbed by such an actor like George Clooney literally STEALING the award of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Frankly i am ashamed and appauled at such a display by what was ONCE the best award show - at least the British have some taste (referring of course to the BAFTAs)

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