01 February 2006

He Was A Friend Of Mine

I can't believe that I have actually left it so long to post something about one of my favourite movies at the minute. Not before have i ever wanted to watch a movie again this bad, and i've already seen it twice. If it's still on next week i might actually go see it again.
The film that i am referring to is: BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
I think everyone should see this movie, at least once.
Its a tragic love story set in 1963 involving two farmhands who meet each other on a job of tending sheep on a remote mounatin. During their months alone, they form a bond that eventually leads to a sexual relationship, but when the job is finished they go their separate ways to get on with their everyday lives, which involves marriages and kids.
However the attraction still remains and when they eventually meet up after 4 years, things start to get a bit more complicated. However we don't end up waiting long for the wrong place wrong time part of the story to happen. Events that start haunting them over the next few decades.
I'm not going to spoil anymore than that, and hopefully that will entice more people to go and see it. It's also doing really well at the award ceremonies, its nominated for 8 Oscars (for which i want it to win BEST PICTURE and BEST ACTOR for Heath Ledger)

And i think that it might be taking over Vanilla Sky/Donnie Darko as my favourite film ever. Never before have i wanted to see a film again SO bad

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